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Abandon explanation of noun of old metal goods and materials
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One, whole nation of useless black metal abandons big raid of market of old goods and materials

1, cast iron

Cast iron cent is cast cast iron and steel-making cast iron, nodular cast iron uses cast iron 3 kinds big, belong to steely product raw material.

2, ferroalloy

Ferroalloy dispute metal or tantalum and the alloy that iron comprises. Differ according to elemental sort, cent is ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochrome, ferrotungsten, molybdenum iron. Ferroalloy still includes bullion of two kinds of black to belong to

2, useless nonferrous metal

1, coloured bullion is belonged to

Copper: Pure copper weighs red copper again, density is 8.94g/cm3, melting point is 1083 degrees, without magnetism. Have good electric conduction, heat conduction function reachs the sex that fight corrode, still have very tall chemical stability. (Cupreous compound is poisonous. (Cupreous compound is poisonous..

Lead: Lead calls Qing Qian again, the exterior shows blue gray. Plumbic intensity and hardness are extremely low, can use hair cut off, below normal temperature treatment won't arise add sclerotic phenomenon. Density is 11.34g/cm3, because density is bigger, commonly used at making warhead. Plumbic resistance is great, thermal conductivity is poor, melting point is 327 degrees, commonly used at making fuse.

Stannum: Stannum is silvery white and slightly bluish metal. Its density is 7.2g/cm3, melting point is 232 degrees. Stannic intensity is low, did not machine sclerotic phenomenon below room temperature. Stannic plasticity is wonderful, still have the very good sex that fight corrode.

Nickel: Nickel is silvery white metal, polishing hind can maintain beautiful burnish for a long time, density is 8.9g/cm3, melting point is 1455 degrees, in temperature under 360 degrees from time to tome magnetic. Nickel has good electrovacuum performance, volatilize in high temperature high vacuum very small, it is the important material of electrovacuum instrument.

Antimonial: Antimony is silvery white metal, as a result of the influence of foreign matter, take blue slightly, foreign matter is more, blue is deeper. Pure antimony calls a star antimony again. Very fragile, without extend a gender, use alone not simply so, antimonial density is 6.7g/cm3, melting point is 630 degrees, caky when expand somewhat, accordingly, antimony basically is used at waiting with plumbic stannum to make up alloy.

Zinc: Zinc is a kind of white leads metal of shallow blue burnish slightly, gray is shown because of oxidation in air, density is 7.1g/cm3, melting point is 419 degrees. Very fragile below normal temperature, but when heating to be spent to 100-150, become be full of tenacity and undertake forming easily, temperature rises again when reaching 200 degrees criterion brittleness heighten, but broken into powder.

Mercuric: Mercury calls mercury again, silvery white. Melting point is - 38.87 degrees, the liquid is below normal temperature, density is 13.5g/cm3, normal temperature issues the heaviest liquid. Mercury oxidizes not easily and corrode, use extensively at barometer
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