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Metallic all fronts drops greatly, bovine city situation did not change
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London metal bourse is basic metallic all fronts drops, period copper is in Shanghai Shanghai copper suffers to drop during period city trades stop dozen press low, before trading inside field, rebound somewhat, metaphase copper trades to continue to drop inside field, eventually dish the newspaper closes at 7825 dollars, dropped 155 dollars, clinch a deal the quantity is 69853; Oscillation of period aluminium full day goes low, trade inside field eventually dish the newspaper closes at 2845 dollars, dropped 33 dollars, clinch a deal the quantity is 151731; Period aluminium walks along period zinc follow low, trade inside field eventually dish the newspaper closes at 3600 dollars, dropped 80 dollars, clinch a deal the quantity is 39484.

LME copper inventory continues to drop yesterday, total reserve falls to be controlled to 170 thousand tons. Although stock falls, but cupreous price dropped to have a few pressure to merchandise on hand, in a way of premium of merchandise on hand goes low yesterday, newest quote is 38.5/43.5 dollar, anticipate premium of cupreous merchandise on hand is in to maintain current level, have the power that continues to drop because of inventory. On Shanghai field, merchandise on hand drives futures to go soft, agio of merchandise on hand is maintained control in 1000 yuan, agio of so tall merchandise on hand explains demand is poorer still on one hand, market lack demand is bought dish, on the other hand demonstrative period covers benefit capital shortage now, of merchandise on hand and futures tall base difference is pulled without the capital that cover interest close. Futures contract also continues to keep bigger base poor situation, this still can continue.

LME aluminium and zinc continue to retain weak power, agio of aluminous merchandise on hand maintains early days level, in a way drops, agio of merchandise on hand is put in pressure all the time to futures. Nearly a few trade day LME aluminous inventory is increasing all the time, close month maintains a warehouse decreasing, the specification forces storehouse the possibility of prices happening is very little, aluminous merchandise on hand can continue to maintain weak momentum. On Shanghai field, expression of Shanghai aluminous merchandise on hand is faint premium, drop as a result of forward contract after period price drops range is bigger, close month agio is reduced somewhat.

On the technology, LME period copper continues yesterday callback, nevertheless cupreous price is in 10 days all of the line prop up next stopping to drop, copper of eye early days still is in 10 days all over the line, strong pattern did not get the market change, anticipate period copper can continue strong adjust; Period aluminium drops yesterday, the pressure that 2900 dollars integer involves is greater, anticipate return oscillation of can weak force; Period zinc continues callback, anticipate period zinc can continue oscillation, can rise after adjust.

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