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It is very important to carry out environmental protection of green Olympic Game
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"We this is to put on really ' yellow mandarin jacket ' . " reject reclaims personnel Xiaozhang is glad all the more yesterday. Henceforth, arrange justice division waste product to reclaim personnel not only have unified coverall, hold the two card such as business charter even " mount guard " .
Reclaim for normative reject, convenient resource reclaims use, course of renewable resources management center negotiates suitable branch of justice city canal, industrial and commercial bureau and business affairs bureau jointly, reclaim to whole area waste product personnel undertook clearing rectifying. Maize coverall is being united in the personnel that arranges justice area to be engaged in reject reclaiming now,
The business license that carries door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry and goods and materials reclaim mount guard evidence of the center works.
"Reject reclaims to be mixed without the standard previously unified, because do not have business charter, see the city is in charge of, have to run rapidly. " Xiaozhang says, "There is card now, still each the coverall of a yellow, the job also set his mind at, resembling really is to put on ' yellow mandarin jacket ' . " arrange at present justice the reject inside limits of the city zone reclaims pedlar is all already the standard ends, having each garrison post clear and rectify.