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Expanded plastics reclaims second birth uses a guideline
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Polystyrene expanded plastics is useful can produce polystyrene bead bead moulding shapes. Use at electric home appliances
Polystyrene expanded plastics reclaims use main avenue to have: Bead is built after reducing a facial expression, after smashing, use as all sorts of stuff stuff, splitting decomposition makes oil or reclaim styrene and other.

(1 ) bead is built after reducing a facial expression, polystyrene expanded plastics but melt is crowded piece build bead to make material of second birth bead, but volume is accordingly huge, defecate is carried, need to reduce a facial expression first when reclaim normally. The method has mechanical way, solvent law and heat law.

(2) after smashing, use as filling, after classics of goods of polystyrene expanded plastics smashs, can use as filling, make all sorts of product.

If ① new moulding becomes expanded plastics product

② concrete is compound board goods

③ gesso places core brick

④ uses as bitumen intensifier

⑤ uses as edaphic modifier

(3) splitting decomposition makes oil or reclaim styrene, splitting decomposition of useless polystyrene foamed plastics makes the device of oily method be as follows

Heat treatment of pretreatment of useless polystyrene expanded plastics decreases styrene of rectify of look catalysis splitting decomposition

(4) other, useless polystyrene expanded plastics can be used at making coating and stick receive an agent to wait

① coating, can send a gender proper dissolvent is joined to be able to make paint after polystyrene expanded plastics smashs, technological process is as follows

Filling, colorant

&nbspPS, ester of second acerbity second has ground to had ground to produce instead

Alcohol, 2 fourth ester, annulus should grind filter to react boiler grinds filter to taste

Oxygen colophony, boiler of fourth nitrile glue

② is stuck receive a dose, ester kind with benzene kind mixture dissolvent, join useless polystyrene expanded plastics, prevent precipitant, plasticizer, auxiliary of etc of phenolic aldehyde colophony, can make use at cement, steely, the coating of carpentry.  

③ bromine is changed make bromine change polystyrene fire retardant, use 2 chloridize aluminium to make activator, make useless polystyrene kisses report to replace reaction to be made so that bromine changes polystyrene with bromine happening, the quantity that contain bromine can be amounted to 60% to 70% , use at PET, ABS, wait with nylon thermoplastic plastic fire retardant. Bromine changes polystyrene price cheap, flame retardant the effect and thermal stability are good, dosage 5 (quality) can have apparent flame retardant the effect. With 3 oxidation 2 antimony are used, it is better to have flame retardant synergism.
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