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How does electronic rubbish change gold
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Gold, silver already made modern industry and the important material that national defence builds. As a result of its reserves difficulty of finite, production, crop not tall, price rises ceaselessly, a lot of industry developed countries take very seriously disentomb the never-failing that precious metal renewable resources takes this " golden mine " . They the it is coequal and as significant as the development park of mineral products resource to reclaim position precious metal flotsam, build precious metal second birth to answer the administrative system of knock off course of study.

Electronic rubbish is of all kinds the electronic product that discard as useless. The newer rate of the home appliance such as mobile phone, computer is rapidder and rapidder, very much useless old home appliance is discarded casually. The expert says, rubbish still has these cast off electrons to use value very well, if the loose mail such as a few old mobile phones, computer is medium example is OK winkle contains golden element, abstraction gives gold. And in 1 ton of electron board, can depart give 0.45 kilograms of 20 kilograms of 130 kilograms of copper, stannum, gold. "Electronic rubbish " make the industry that locks huge profit awesomely.

It is reported, the component of many electronic products uses gold treatment to make, gold is electric good conductor, and never rust, 1 gram gold can pull the filament with 3000 meters of fine give back that compare a head, processability can be first-rate. In the computer, mobile phone electric equipment product that goes after small-sized miniature to change, gold is the necessary data on electronic circuitry. The old mobile phone meeting after discarding pollutes an environment badly, but if reclaim the useless batteries inside,rise, scrape up goes to 1 ton to be able to abstract a 200 grams gold, and the common ore that contain gold (sanded) can extract 2 grams every tons only. The gold content in electronic rubbish greatly the content in prep above raw ore, be in commonly hundreds of times above, reclaim from which many lower than recovering cost from inside raw ore, economically benefit is very apparent. In addition, the outside data of product of a lot of useless old electrons and in-house metallic component can be used afresh, produce greater value. So, rubbish of a lot of electrons is small " golden mine " .

"Touch a stone and turn it into gold " this is like is can see in fairy tale only, if somebody tells you, he has a technology to be able to let rubbish become gold, can you believe? But this is not " incredible story " .

A magical technology; Rubbish of 100 tons of electrons reclaims abstract 30 kilograms of gold.

More complete from the electron what the precious metal such as bullion reclaims in litter is wet technology, go out through dissolve, adsorptive, purificatory, dry after waiting for craft with fusion, get containing gold (silver-colored) the quantity can achieve GB gold (silver-colored) standard product. This technology handles electronic rubbish, can in the electronic rubbish from many tons 100, abstraction gives 30 kilograms of gold. Value RMB many yuan 300.
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