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The processing of litter of plastic solid body
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Produce for raw material with oil and coal plastic will replace data of natural high polymer, ever experienced a hard course, full the good reason that the chemist with crackajack generation has to realize current and plastic place changed character and durable function to give arduous work. Plastic pledge with its the characteristic such as cheap of light, durable, beautiful, price, replaced the packing data of large quantities of one traditions, facilitated to pack a revolution of course of study. But beyond what person glue expects is, just is these plastic good performance sexes were made many and fast not the plastic rubbish of corrupt. The plastic packing that after using, discards in great quantities already became the one catastrophe that harms an environment to kill, its are main the reason is these plastic rubbish are handled hard, cannot make its are decomposed and melt into dust. In existing urban solid litter, plastic scale already was achieved 15% - 20% , and it is one-time for the most part among them use name kind the plastic products that pack. The processing of plastic litter already was the problem of plastic industry not only, already became the wide attention of society of international of social effects of pollution now.
Protect the need of earthly environment to suit, industry of world plastic treatment excogitates a lot of environmental protection new technology. Saving resource respect, basically be to raise a product to be able to bear or endure old function, lengthen life, muti_function change, the product is right amount design; In resource recycle respect, basically be those who study plastic litter is efficient and grading, second birth of detached technology, efficient melt uses technology, chemistry to reclaim use material of degradation of technology, complete biology, water-solubility data, can feed film; Decreasing quantify technical respect, advocate if research is deserted and plastic,compress technology of container of the technology that reduce a facial expression, filmy in bags, in ensure the premise that uses property falls, as far as possible goods thin model change a technology; In the development respect of CFC substitute, basically be research carbon dioxide epispastic technology; The field researchs in what replace content, basically be development PVC and PVDC substitute.
In the city litter of plastic solid body handles a side, basically use at present fill bury, burn and reclaim recycle 3 kinds of methods. Because national condition is different, each country is discrepant, the United States is buried with filling give priority to, europe, Japan is given priority to with burning. Use fill bury processing, because plastic products is qualitative general interest is small, and not easy decay, can bring about fill bury the ground to become soft qualitative foundation, use very hard henceforth. Use burn processing, because plastic and calorific amount is large, easy injury furnace, the gas experience that increases the generation after burning makes the earth warm change, some are plastic still can release harmful gas when burn and pollute atmosphere. Use reclaim the method of reoccupy, because expend artificial, reclaim cost is high, and lack reclaims accordingly channel, at present the world reclaims reoccupy takes all and plastic consumption only 15% the left and right sides. But because world boundary stone is oily natural resources is limited, from the angle consideration of managing world natural resources, reclaim plasticly reoccupy has great sense. For this, at present world each country throws a large number of manpower, material resources, develop all sorts of abandoning old plastic reclaim the crucial technology that use, devote oneself to to reduce plastic reclaim the development of the cost of reoccupy its right application field.
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