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Knowledge of stainless steel series
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Be in air or chemistry is corroded can resist in medium a kind of when corrode tall alloy steel, stainless steel is it is good to have beautiful face and corrosion resistance, need not wait for finishing through plating color, and the exterior property that develops solid of stainless steel place to have, use a steely kind at many sided, call stainless steel normally. Those who represent performance have 13 chromium steel, the tall alloy steel such as 18- chrome-nickel steel.

From metallography angle analysis, contain chromium because of stainless steel and make the surface forms very thin chromic film, this film segregation leaves to rise with the oxygen that invades inside steel anticorrosive action.

To maintain the corrosion resistance with stainless steel inherent place, steel must contain the chromium of 12% above.

Stainless steel sort:

Stainless steel can press utility, chemical composition and metallographic organization to be classified roughly.

Fasten with austenite kind steel by 18% chromium - 8% nickel are basic composition, what the affiliation of each element measures change is different, and the steel that develops all sorts of use is planted.

With chemical composition classification:

① . CR series: System of ferrite series, Martens is listed

② . CR-NI series: Austenite series, unusual series, series of separate out sclerosis.

With the classification that metallographic organizes:

① . Austenite stainless steel

② . Ferrite stainless steel

③ . Martensite stainless steel

④ . Double photograph stainless steel

⑤ . Precipitation sclerosis stainless steel