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The flow direction of labor electron trash
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Will handle in order to wait for henceforth or the amount of the existent useless computer that has discarded has been a severe difficult problem, these amounts still are in with breathtaking speed growing ceaselessly. Current, very unfortunate is, major electronic waste material is filled to bury by us or burn. Although we had been made hard, handle an electronic waste material through reclaiming from fill the depart in burying to come out, electronic trash reclaims processing is the feature that has misdirect sex however, include depart to make, disassemble, smash, combustion, exit is waited a moment, these are non-standard normally, often make new toxic material. Although be below best condition, of harmful trash reclaim processing also does not have what advantage almost to the environment- - it just pledges toxicant simply move arrives in 2 form product, still want finally to be discarded. Unless have very much cause,be to use harmless raw material is redesigned and produce a product, otherwise present alleged " reclaim processing " do not have at all. Show some market conditions, production method, do not encourage the electron that carries out alleged environmental protection to reclaim, so now by " reclaim processing " majority electron trash uses outlet actually, be disassembled in the jail or be smashed, in smash a few raw material in the process but by recycle, and other raw material will be discarded.

Store- - the member that American government is investigated predicts, in all computer that sell in the United States, 3/4 still is handled in order to wait for in inventory. 14 other consider to predict, these do not have the United States to be used, the computer amount of inventory will be achieved very quickly 300 million 15 million go to 80 million 600 million. Average the computer that every consumer has 2-3 stage to discard deposits the garage in them in, in a built-in wardrobe or cupboard or in storeroom, they often hope to will come one day, these things can become valuable to certain person. Computer is devalueing quickly as time elapse, will devalue finally the value of raw material, under in home reasonable reclaim the cost of processing. The 1 % that the damage value of the old electron equipment after the production that finish is primary facility cost arrives 5 % . Consumer people the advanced equipment that beautiful day price buys 3 years two ago, there is not value almost now.        

Fill bury and burn- - EPA says, more than 3.2 million tons electron trash was filled to bury in the United States 1997. Those abandon electronic component and not be to store the most family that rise and small businessman, give their trash trash field is filled bury or burn, is not to send reclaim orgnaization.

Any trash are filled bury can have leak, even if the most careful trash is filled bury not be complete safety, the chemical reaction that always can produce certain amount and metallic leak. A bit older to those or for the trash field that management keeps not to be pooh-poohed, circumstance more flooey. Be discarded to be in when electronic trash fill bury hole in when, became plastic the gather with canal of metal carton, crystal board, glass, electrical wiring, resistor, capacitor and other fittings and material. The of about 70% heavy metal that filling the discovery in burying hole (include mercury and cadmium) come from at deserted electronic component. These heavy metal that discover in electronic component and other toxicant still are met character contaminative underground fountainhead.
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