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Useless glass also can reclaim recycle
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Face village dweller to just change the useless glass that come down, gu Shi teach mutters: "Nobody wants this thing, two wool 51 kilograms, not quite oily still money. Not quite oily still money..
Gu Shi teach comes from Anhui, make a living in order to receive waste. "Waste paper one yuan (a kilogram of) , scrap iron together 5. " he shows that caboodle abandons glass, "Earn do not wear money. "Earn do not wear money..
Be in this year March, department of Commerce the form with the announcement, requirement each district fulfils renewable resources to reclaim in the round the system builds the job. Informing bring up again to arrive, renewable resources reclaims the economy that its oneself place produces the meaning far outclass that use and social benefit, must mix from the strategy global height is cogent advance renewable resources to reclaim systematic construction. And of useless glass reclaim use also be mentioned for many times in this announcement.
According to statistic, beijing throws away useless glass amounts to 1500 tons everyday, environmental sanitation branch should exceed 100 thousand yuan for this defray. Annual the if can reclaim entirely,wastes glasswork word of Shanghai, can bring nearly 300 million yuan income.
"Who to sell? If somebody wants, affirmation won't be so low. " the word of Gu Shi teach spoke these " put a fault positional resource " the reason that was not developed to use better.

Useless glass is resource
Useless glass can be divided into daily expense to abandon glass according to its origin (household utensils glass, bulb glass) abandon glass with industry () of plate glass, fibre glass. Classification of reclaiming useless glass classics, after cleaning, after one part abandons vitreous classics to choose, can apply afresh directly, if make,lens is mixed do vitreous facing material to wait. According to guarding estimation, 5% in abandoning glass to occupy life rubbish, only the useless old cullet that plate glass manufacturing industry produces every year amounts to more than tons 200.
Every reclaim 1 ton of useless glass but managing 100 kilograms of fuel, bottle of a glass is used afresh an economic energy, can make bulb bright 4 hours. Useless glass of by this token reclaims brings social benefit and economic benefits will be very considerable.
Return somebody to had undertaken calculating, container company uses reborn glass bead to produce vitreous container, every tons but managing coal of 1000 kilograms of 53 kilograms of 214 kilograms of 216 kilograms of arenaceous, soda ash, limestone, feldspathic pink, standards mixes 682 kilograms of quartz many degrees of 400 report, amount to reduces cost 980 yuan. And to company of plate glass production character, if use a large number of cullet, the life of forge will lengthen 15% ~ 20% . The circular recycle to abandoning glass not only can save for environmental protection branch deal with cost, save land, return the pollution that can reduce pair of environments. Authoritative orgnaization says, occupy batch gross with cullet content when place 60% when, can reduce 6% ~ the air pollution of 22% . Without doubt, can be reclaimed the word of recycle, useless glass can become a kind of resource.
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