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Reject inn boss is accept bribe " bribery " burglar
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Two reject buy inn boss to be faster " get rich " , spend money to ask burglar to have a meal unexpectedly, requirement burglar sells them stolen goods. 5 days, nanchang police transmits a message, police of chart of high official position destroyed a pilfer, carry, crime gang that sells one continuous line, arrest gang member 3.

Occupy guilty suspect Xiong Mou, Xie Mou to explain, at the beginning of this year March, they collect money 3. 50 thousand yuan manage reject of 10 thousand brooks to buy a company without card. To enlarge scope of business, two people asked two groups of burglar to have a meal, ask the other side to sell them stolen goods, 3 rounds of autocycle after buying are used for burglar.

Late on March 13 11 when, some comes to Hubei person Zheng in inn of Xiong Mou, Xie Mou, will hind 3 rounds go out. Morrow before dawn, zheng Mou and additional 2 Hubei person procrastinates come one car reinforcing steel bar, xiong Mou, Xie Mou with every jins 1. 4 yuan receive next this stolen goods, pay on the spot 560 yuan. After this, the content disposal of stolen or contraband goods such as the oxygen gas cylinder that two groups of 7 Hubei robber come pilfer for many times, electric welder gives Xiong Mou, Xie Mou.