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"18 a pithy formula " : Clear what is reject
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Useless old goods and materials reclaims the industry is a special industry, have management variety miscellaneous, site distributings the characteristic with low doorsill of admittance of Xiaohe of wide, operation. Disengaged personnel and foreign staff do not have the society with not little amount to card is not had according to manage, the irregularity of disposal of stolen or contraband goods accepting bribe manages behavior to have repeatedly happen. The Chongzhongzhi when strengthening industry self-discipline management to become guild to perform function is heavy.

The standardization of behavior of travel already battalion is the foundation that the industry controls oneself or premise. According to industry business property and industry actual condition, useless old guild normative member unit buy deed, cut the entrance as what execute industry self-discipline, manage the outside figure proceed with of the site from the change, execute " 6 are united " , namely: Inn enrols unified, dress unified, label design of unified, car makes unified, weighing apparatus marked price is unified, uniform. This " unite 6 times " improved not only reclaim make the trade that sends site site outside figure, more important is to be able to facilitate the identifying of social citizen is mixed supervise, shape the first image of industry whole thereby.

This city is municipal and communal establishment steals repeatedly, and distributing dispersedly socially a few " reclaim site " the check point that reduces disposal of stolen or contraband goods accepting bribe again, be aimed at this one current situation, useless old goods and materials reclaims the industry buys goods and materials of normative and municipal public useless old metal deal with activity, label the important segment that the industry controls oneself clearly. Goods and materials of municipal in catching good industry public useless old metal is bought " appoint deal with enterprise " choose, recommend, authorized, management and groom while, guild made the guild regulations joint pledge of special form a complete set, let " appoint " the demonstrative effect that the member produces arms of normative management the person at the head of a procession. And will " municipal and public industry is commonly used metallic facilities catalog " , turn member unit into widely known " 18 a pithy formula " , the what in clear useless old metal is to ban receive goods, what is to be restricted to receive goods. In addition, association still rolled out a standard to operate circuit, pass a series of normative sex management, advance and strengthen member company and trade act self-discipline.

Pass " 3 union " , make the standardization self-discipline level of member company rises to new height, integral job thereby obtains corresponding result. The reasonable cloth that is site of combinative whole town is set, concentration is begun reclaim industry standardization runs autonomic activity. They are revised " trade stipulations of an agreement " , carry out useless old metal to reclaim run system of two class liability, classification sign management responsibility book and additional duty agreement; Strengthen trade public security to manage security system to build, standard of requirement member industry sees pay " treat keep gold " , devote into actively at special construction, restrain the management behavior of member company effectively. 2 it is to combine Yo of sincere be religious to begin standardization to run autonomic activity. Sincere letter is short of lose the self-discipline that has real sense impossibly. Association was initiated in membership enterprise " civilization reclaims, sincere letter is managed, normative service " initiate the action jointly, and associated proposal is issued on newspaper, the standard stops useless service action, make to the society further " society of resource second birth, redound " common commitment. The 3 special punish activities that are combinative industry, advance wind of guild regulations travel to build the job. Association captures this city " 6 small companies " punish works and carry out executive city seat of government the main turning point of 52 order, cooperate actively to close an enterprise to set administrative standard about division system phasing (standard) . They put forward what construction of travel wind guild regulations works in time to push plan, put forward in time to manage aptitude to maintain special provision and operation detailed rules, put forward in time to include an industry fair cut into parts, copy accuse examination of punishment, guild regulations, each other to be restrict, common commitment, violate compasses the formulary sex form a complete set that keeps the content such as authority measure.
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