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Abandon old plastic knowledge
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1, what is PPC kind plastic, how to identify from the exterior?

Reply: PPC belongs to PP kind, full name is chloridize polypropylene, use at making commodity, electric equipment.

2, I am to do abandon old plastic and broken, abandon now excuse me old plastic price of a few what be respectively (2004-11-9) ?

Reply: Get together third expects (textile bag) : 1200-1600 yuan / ton; Get together third expects () of basin bucket makings: 2100-2600 yuan / ton; Polyethylene (soft makings) : 2300-3300 yuan / ton; Polyethylene (good stuff) : 2700-3800 yuan / ton; Polyvinyl chloride: 2500-3100 yuan / ton; Bubble: 2000-3300 yuan / ton; Get together fat () of mineral water bottle: 5000-5800 yuan / ton; (statement: Place offers reference only for data, ask referenced quote date. )

3, what model is the raw material that is used at producing HDPE to light tracheal, service pipe?

Reply: The raw material that is used at producing HDPE to light tracheal, service pipe is PE80, PE100

4, what material is PPN?

Reply: PPN is a kind of polypropylene.

5, which produce what present EVA has best flexibility? What brand? Want homebred, what to return those who soft qualitative pvc is used at noting model to have?

Reply: Homebred EVA is basic Beijing is produced, cent is crowded model class 14 model (film of VA=14) general use, 18 model (VA=18) epispastic body, with the class that note model 5 model (VA=5) food packs film.

What PVC uses at noting model is commonly 5 model and 3 model.

6, do excuse me this plant PPU what is plastic Chinese?

Reply: PPU is thermoplastic polyurethane.

7, how does ability differentiate PVC plastic, PVC can does second birth build bead? What means to adopt to undertake? Prices of current second birth PVC how?

Reply: 1)PVC Chinese name: Polyvinyl chloride.

Combustion law is differentiated, bate or melt temperature limits: 75~90 ° C; Combustion circumstance: Difficult bate; Combustion blaze condition: Fizzle out on below green have smoke; From the circumstance after fire: Go out from fire; Odour: Excitant acidity.
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