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Useless old mobile phone reclaims use
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All nonferrous metal in collecting lead of liquid state of in order to to receive a mobile telephone back and forth for intermediary indirect method (include metal of precious metal, platinum a group of things with common features) it is very feasible

At present the mobile phone has our country the quantity makes an appointment with 300 million above. The cycle that changes as electronic industry advance rapidly of home, product shortens increasingly, generation generation washs out the core of machine of useless old mobile phone that come down to also grow day and day. By average every mobile phone uses 3 years of in the limit of, every year will core of machine of 100 million mobile phones is washed out. If press every stand-alone weight 0. 1 kilogram is calculated, its gross year amount to more than 10000 tons. Gold is contained in each tons of useless old mobile phone about 280 gram, contain silver 2000 gram, contain palladium 100 gram, among them copper and a few the of short duration such as platinic, iridium, rhodium not plan. By year wash out quantity computation, gold is contained in these useless old mobile phones 2800 kilogram (2. 8 tons) , silver 20 thousand kilogram (20 tons) , the metallic palladium in platinum a group of things with common features 100 kilogram. This is precious metal is mixed the treasury of metal of platinum a group of things with common features.

Only value of total prices of these 3 kinds of metals will amount to 700 million yuan of RMB. The housing of new generation mobile phone employs aluminum-magnesium alloy more again, the fortune of such mint, be at present those who abandon do not abandon, reclaim lack of power. Accordingly, how to reclaim fortune of this a huge sum is urgent affairs.

Rubbish of more than 10000 tons of electrons, abstract an all sorts of metals having price to come respectively inside a year, want many tons 30 on average to handle useless old mobile phone everyday, its difficulty cans be imagined. Be in hard use He Chongsheng to produce technological process. Current somebody wants to use high temperature directly (1200 degrees of above) igneous law smelt these " electronic rubbish " , from which smelt gives a variety of metal alloy, adopt respectively again next wet abstract each tantalum. If adopt direct smelt, want to use many high grade coke necessarily. What arise among them is many (the magnesian sublimate that is like low boiling point and oxidation combustion and mercury, arsenic is poisonous element and other gas) how pollution is eliminated also is a difficult problem.

Is the author ever in " does Chinese nonferrous metal sign up for " publish " who comes electron of race to control ' rubbish ' reborn first machine? " the smoke in beautiful speaking of closing smeltery to produce flow in the article turns heat is metal of smelt second birth is optimal cut a point. Time of the more than leisure in using its to produce reachs more than heat, reclaim plumbic antimonial metal is abandoned in plumbic accumulator, the author thinks, consult this is planted craft, in smoke the bottom that turn heat increases a liquid this bed mixes lead to add build by laying bricks or stones outside shaft well of lead of a liquid state, facilitate give off this bed in time inside in liquid state " expensive lead " (the precious metal that high grade contains in pointing to lead) , the next of reentrance lead antimony and precious metal produces flow. The reverberator that this technological process is mud of positive pole of copper of igneous law smelt, lead and reclaim alone an engraft project that the plumbic antimonial smoke in accumulator turns heat.
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