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Know office paper category in the round
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Many jobs contact a few office to use paper at the friend classics regular meeting of the office, resemble printing paper, make paperboard, fax paper is waited a moment, and the friend of these office is likely expect is less than every month of a company to cost the cost that purchasing this kind of paper to go up to have many tall, serve as the administrator of the company especially, should how the paper that the choose and buy suits different documentation to need and control good budget, the choice that is afraid it is better to still have hard now in what paper information content lacks, the author is opposite comprehensive ground today modern office is chosen with the cause of paper undertake an analysis, let administrator you can undertake a choose and buy better.

Be in early period of the Western Han Dynasty, our country appeared paper, arrive when the Eastern Han Dynasty (the Christian era 3 centuries) , cai Lun undertook improvement to papermaking art, the use of paper is added gradually much. So what is paper? According to " level of state of People's Republic of China (GB4687-84) regulation, paper is from fiber of plant of suspension fluid lieutenant general, mineral fibre, animal fiber, chemical fiber or these fibrous mixture deposit arrive on proper figuration equipment, the course is dry the level that makes, even Bao Ye.  

Nowadays, the application of paper already expanded culture science, each domains such as sanitation of daily life, medical treatment, commerce, national defence and production of industry and agriculture. In later development, we basically introduce paper of commonly used office to taste. Can say, office paper is tasted is a when be ignored in all office things, it was not taken seriously by everybody. Yes, it is not the facility with large what, parts of an apparatus, cheaper also, appear to be able to be ignored, but because be used more, use often, its daily office to us is indispensable. Paper of the office on market tastes sort now various, be like: Tagboard, carbon, make paper of the paperboard, duplicating paper, paper that print, printing paper, fax... , the brand is very diversiform also, quality is differ. How from Long Yu jumbly in find the paper that suits you most to taste? The ancients character: "Do not accumulate Kui pace, without a thousand li of as a result; Do not accumulate small stream, without in order to become Jiang Hai... " , how accumulate over a long period, where is many a little makes a mickle? Hope the introduction below is helped somewhat to you.  

Of the paper that print and duplicating paper detect in the round unique skill!  

Handle official bussiness daily in us in paper articles for use, using most office paper is duplicating paper is mixed the paper that print, and the most commonly used norms is A3 and A4. Current, brand of the duplicating paper on the market, paper that print is very much, also have many famous brand products, be like: Aipusheng, east naval vessel of harbor, coronal a person of extraordinary powers, red flag, HP, beautiful can, chapter of chapter of ball of golden admiral, gold, Jin Tianzhang, Kodak, green day, admiral, Shi Le, double dragon, day, , as to the price, they differ also is not particularly big, the user is OK the printer according to oneself or copycat brand will choose to print paper, if have better compatibility, it is as better as duplicate effect that that is printed.  
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