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The sort of scrap iron and steel
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As industrial producer swift and violent development, the sort of alloy steel is increasingly various. For different goal and need, alloy steel still has a variety of classification methods. Can be alloy steel cent by utility steel of steel of alloy structure steel, alloy tool steel, high speed tool, spring steel, bearing, do not become rusty acid-proof steel, heat-resisting does not remove Pi Gang to wait. According to the type of main alloying element in steel, can be alloy steel cent molybdenum steel of fierce steel of fierce steel, silicon steel, silicon, boracic steel, chrome-nickel steel, chromic nickel to wait. According to how many of alloying element total content, alloy steel can be divided for low-alloy steel (alloying element gross is little at 5% ) , in alloy steel (gross of the element that contain gold spends 5%~10% ) with tall alloy steel (alloy element always is over 10% ) .
Steel of 1 alloy structure. The amount that contain carbon is a few smaller than steel of carbolic element structure, it is commonly inside 0.15%~0.50 limits. All sorts of transmission that are used extensively at making car, shipping, turbine, heavy-duty machine tool with fastener.
Steel of 2 alloy tool. It is one kind contains a variety of alloying element (wait like silicon, molybdenum, tungsten, chromic, vanadium) in high-carbon steel, apply to production dimension the cutting tool with big, complex form, mould and measure. It besides having proper intensity and tenacity, have very tall hardness and wearability at the same time.
Steel of tool of 3 high speed. It is steel of tool of tall carbon tall alloy, the quantity that contain carbon is 0.7%~1.4% , contain can form alloying element of tall hardness carbide, wait like tungsten, molybdenum, chromic, vanadium. Steel of high speed tool has tall red rigid, below condition of high speed cutting, when temperature is as high as 500~6000C hardness also is not reduced. Commonly used wait at making the lathe tool of tall cutting speed, tall productivity, milling cutter, reamer, broach, twist drill.
4 bedspring knife. Basically use at making handing in concussion, oscillatory or for a long time change the spring that uses below stress, basically be bell of steel of silicon manganese department.
5 bearing steel. Basically use production scroll body and bearing ferrule. Bearing steel contains carbolic quantity to make an appointment with 1.0% commonly, the content of its chemical composition uniformity to rolled steel, metalloid field trash and distributing, of carbide promulgate wait to have very firm demand.
6 stainless steel acerbity steel, namely stainless steel. This kind of stainless steel and be able to bear or endure corrode sex is opposite, not be absolutely not rusty, rust however the quantity is few, rusty process is very slow. Use an occasion according to its, do not become rusty acid-proof steel can divide it is two groups: Stainless steel and acid-proof steel. Stainless steel, can resist in air namely cankerous steel, basically use at making turbine blade, measure tool, medical apparatus and instruments, cut tool, tableware, galley equipment, food to machine equipment, fast refrigerant Tibet equipment, stainless steel solder is in charge of vent-pipe of kind of public facilities, car to use ferrite stainless steel to wait; Acid-proof steel, can resist in the medium with all sorts of intense aggressivity namely cankerous steel, basically use at shipping to control the equipment, nautical equipment, equipment such as the stainless steel jar that makes acerbity, oily, energy of life, urea equipment to wait. By main chemistry composition is classified, basically can divide the stainless steel that it is chromium and chromic nickel stainless steel two old systems.
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