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The label method of stainless steel
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The number of steel and represent a means
① learns elemental symbol and native symbol to represent chemical constituent with internationalization, will show component content with Arabia letter:
Be like: China, Russian 12crni3a
② locates with solid count word will express steel kind series or number; Be like: The United States, Japan, 300 departments, 400 departments, 200 departments;
③ uses the Latin alphabet and ordinal composition serial number, represent use only.
The number of our country is regular
① uses elemental symbol
② utility, Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, open-hearth furnace steel: P, boiling steel: F, composed steel: B, armour kind steel: A, T8: Special 8, Gcr15: Ball
◆ adds up to knot steel, spring steel, be like: 20crmnti 60simn, (with extremely show C content)
Steel of tool of ◆ stainless steel, alloy (with thousand show C content) , be like: 1cr18ni9 one thousandth (namely 0.1%c) , do not become rusty C ≤ 0.08%
Be like 0cr18ni9, exceed ≤ of low carbon C 0.03% like 0cr17ni13mo
Method of designation of international stainless steel
American Iron and Steel Institute is to use 3 digit word to come indicative of all sorts of standard class but of forge stainless steel. Among them:
① austenite stainless steel uses the 200 digital designation with 300 series,
② ferrite and stainless steel of Martens bodily form express with the number of 400 series. For example, certain commonner austenite stainless steel is with 201, 304, 316 and 310 for mark,
③ ferrite stainless steel is with 430 and 446 for mark, martensite stainless steel is with 410, 420 and 440c is mark, double photograph (austenite - ferrite) ,
④ stainless steel, precipitation sclerosis stainless steel and the quantity that contain iron under the tall alloy of 50% it is to use patent name or brand to name normally.
4) . Standard classification and classification
4-1 classifications:
Gb of ① state level
② occupation standard Yb
③ place standard
Q/cb of ④ industry standard
4-2 classification:
① product standard
② packs a standard
③ method standard
④ basic standard
4-3 standard standard (cent class) : Y class: International is advanced levelI class: International is general levelH class: Domestic advanced level
4-4 GBGb1220-84 does not become rusty great ability (I class)Gb4241-84 does not become rusty solder dish of garden (H class)Gb4356-84 does not become rusty solder dish of garden (I class)Gb1270-80 does not become rusty tubal material (I class)Gb12771-91 does not become rusty solder is in charge of (Y class)Gb3280-84 does not become rusty cold board (I class)Gb4237-84 does not become rusty heat board (I class)Gb4239-91 does not become rusty cold take (I class)