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Waste cupreous second birth and treatment way
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All useless copper are OK second birth. Reclaim technology is very simple. Have collection useless copper above all sorting. Abandon copper without what get pollution or become the copper alloy that split phase is the same as, can use directly after melt down is fused; The useless copper that is polluted badly wants farther fine to handle purify foreign matter; To mutual and jumbly copper alloy flotsam, need to fuse junior travel composition is adjusted. Pass such retexture, cupreous physics and chemistry are not damaged kill, make it gets be updatinged completely. Reborn abandons miscellaneous copper to should press two footwork processing, the first pace is undertake dry processing and the organic matter such as burn-up engine oil, grease; The 2nd pace just is fusion metal, be in metallic impurity slaggy in eliminate.

Because useless copper is OK second birth, have higher value thereby. For example, the price of clean 1 class useless copper can achieve the 90 % above of price of new fine copper; The price of brass new waste material also can achieve the 80 % above of corresponding and brass price.

Useless miscellaneous copper handles craft and equipment to form bend to move craft of ingle law fine to add Isa to electroanalysis on the world the useless miscellaneous copper of craft is advanced processing technology. Germany fine company (Wei Kekai of Na) Hu Teng scatters a factory (Hk) is current on the world the biggest refinery of the most advanced useless miscellaneous copper, it uses a bend to use heat (350t / F) and a reverberator (processing of 200t / F) abandons miscellaneous copper, use Isa technology (copper of cathode of production of Dk=313a / M2) , produce can A of / of 170 thousand T.

Our country and abroad's advanced retexture craft photograph is compared, use craft and equipment whole level to lag behind to the pretreatment of useless miscellaneous copper and second birth, the pretreatment of useless miscellaneous copper and second birth use unhook of two large segment, our country up to now neither one tears open solution to arrive from useless miscellaneous copper cathode copper refined is complete plant of useless miscellaneous copper, much scope of plant of plant of fine of useless miscellaneous copper small, craft problem of difference of backward, equipment, environmental protection is serious. Our country does not have a plant of modern miscellaneous copper fine or workshop up to now. These factory dimensions are in commonly 0.5-3 10 thousand tons of class, fire refining uses reverberator basically, furnace can 25-110 ton size differs, thermal efficiency of this kind of furnace low, specific power consumption is big, black dirt pollution is serious when reductive exercise, worker labor strength is great. Product quality can be achieved only win the bid under standard of Gb / T467-1997 even the level of accurate cathode copper. Quite high grade of the amount abandons miscellaneous copper to be produced directly namely without fine " of black lever of copper cash ingot and cupreous " .
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