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Second birth lead reclaims the current situation and method
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The development of industrial developed country and plumbing of area second birth is rapidder. Second birth lead has important place in plumbing, the percentage that industrial developed country and lead of area second birth held plumbic total output 2000 is respectively: % of American 46, % of Japanese 58, % of German 48, % of law day 57, % of Italian 52, % of Chinese Taiwan 100.

Although the crop of our country lead grows very fast, but the rate that output of second birth lead increases is very slow however, come to 10 thousand tons nearly 5 years wander in 15~17 all the time ask and have descendent tendency. According to " coloured gold almanac " statistic, crop of lead of our country second birth was 102 thousand tons only 2000,

Occupy in those days the % of 2 7 of countrywide lead gross. The development that main reason is our country former plumbing is rapidder, those who limitted share of second birth lead rise.

Useless lead basically comes from accumulator plate, armored, conduit, lead plays cable and leading. Should abandon these plumbic gather up to send second birth lead the plant only again frit, heavy temper with fire, can produce a fine lead, soft lead and all sorts of lead base alloy. Abandon the lead that accumulator and cable wrapping reclaim, contain a few antimony and other metal, lead of this kind of second birth is general still resell makes manufacturer to accumulator. Contain

Second birth lead of stannum uses production welding rod afresh mostly, bearing alloy and alloy of other lead stannum. The lead in general benzine and dye cannot reclaim, it is the main factor that lead causes an environment to pollute. Foil, welding rod, heat treatment and the lead in eletroplating, still reclaim hard at present.

Look from the angle of environmental protection, no matter how former plumbing develops, also ought to take those who abandon lead seriously adequately to reclaim with second birth career.