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With old change new hook or pasty?
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  ■ core clew
The personage inside course of study expresses, consumer need not fear manufacturer can renovate old product, product of present home appliance, number and progress of computer fittings technology are very rapid, the fittings that produces before New Year more and present new product are complete cannot compatible.
Partial businessman wants with this gain, adoption method nothing more than it is the following kinds: It is to increase price in the dark; 2 it is sales volume of stimulative essay card; 3 it is to liven the product that use is the commodity that manufacturer is preparing to depreciate; Last kinds of circumstance is to use " with old change new " in recall old product while market new product.

   Business signs up for photography of reporter poplar Si Ran to report

The near future, can see in a lot of bazaar of suitable heart " with old change new " brand. Product of a lot of home appliance, number and computer are affirmatory, can act as with an old product tens of yuan even hundreds yuan, will support the fee that buys new product. Face the measure of this kind of sales promotion of manufacturer, a lot of consumer can't help becoming really interested.
Before paragraph time, LG series product is made by home multimedia exposure sells secondhand goods face-lifting when new product, posed the doubt of a lot of consumer: With old change new, be the businessman throws the pit that give or pie?

   "With old change new " the meaning to producing business

Suitable heart a personage inside course of study thinks, cannot see manufacturer only from economic angle " with old change new " practice: "Home has entered the fastigium that home appliance and electronic product discard as useless now, the pressure that deserted product creates to environmental protection is greater and greater. According to foreign experience, our country can come on stage to reclaim relevantly to set with processing for certain. When arriving with its, unaware, be inferior to fumbling in time now experience. Be inferior to fumbling in time now experience..
In addition the consideration that stems from cost, have in useless old home appliance and digital product many but renewable resources, reclaim use value very tall. For example circuit of freezer, washing machine, mobile phone, computer board go up use purity is very tall iron, copper, aluminous; Some printed circuit board go up the rare precious metal such as use gold, silver-colored, platinum; And all sorts of glass, plastic wait for resource to all can reclaim recycle. These can be reduced " with old change new " cost, can have the sales promotion of commodity again at the same time, actually the businessman is in " with old change new " in paid cost is not high.
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