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Of useless air conditioning tear open solution and processing
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Waste the outdoor opportunity of air conditioning

(the manual program that tear open solution)

Is debus plastic does crust → smash? Grading? Abluent recycle
Refrigeration Buddha Lyons and refrigerator oil (both lump) reclaim calcium of stone of 蛍 of → of equipment of processing of Lyons of Buddha of Buddha Lyons → , chloridize, water

(cent 離) → or other are exterior handle equipment (cement kiln)

→ tears open debus compressor the copper of unship, iron all but recycle
Debus comes loose heat engine → reclaims aluminous, copper abandons air conditioning the machine outdoor
→ of debus fan motor smashs grading, reclaim 鉄 , 銅 , aluminous
Debus is plastic recycle of crust → material
Debus 熱 hands in 換 implement → reclaims aluminous, 銅

(mechanical processing program)

Undertake with 2 disintegrator clipping smashs
With magnetic force grading machine reclaim → of iron → scrap iron sends toward electric stove company, ironworks

With nonferrous metal grading machine reclaim copper, aluminous → useless copper, useless aluminous → sends toward company of nonferrous metal fine

Reclaim the rest is plastic (mix plastic) → regards blast furnace as coke substitute to reductive material is used or burn fill bury

1. Abandon the processing of air conditioning

The material of useless air conditioning oh form (単 of weight comparing / : % )

The metal in air conditioning kind more occupy about 70 % , plastic kind occupy 15 % lesser about. Among them heat exchanger used the aluminium with taller purity and copper, reason value is higher. .

Does compressor smash below normal temperature hind, does 鋳 鉄 reclaim after is classics high accuracy grading? 銅 . Reclaiming 鋳 鉄 is usable those who make compressor part is cast-iron. Hand in 換 to 熱 implement the 熱 that reachs indoor 機 hands in 換 implement undertake tall 純 spends 銅 and aluminium departing subtly reclaiming.

< tears open the ordinal > of solution

(the manual processing that tear open solution)

(The 1) 機 outdoor (2) indoor 機

① debus is plastic crust ① debus is plastic crust

② reclaims heat exchanger of debus of ② of refrigeration Buddha Lyons

③ reclaims compressor ③ reclaims 銅 線 and 銅 canal

④ reclaims put 熱 implement ④ sends disintegrator

⑤ reclaims fan is motor

⑥ debus circuit board

⑦ the rest sends disintegrator

(mechanical processing)

Air conditioning of ① washing machine all uses the circumgyrate tine of 2 same disintegrator to undertake smashing

② uses magnetic force grading machine reclaim 鉄

③ sends as general as freezer nonferrous metal grading machine

④ uses 渦 電 regurgitate to collect nonferrous metal

2. The processing of Buddha Lyons

Of refrigeration Buddha Lyons reclaim, processing and freezer are identical.

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