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How to undertake to waste paper fiber is chosen 2 times
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Choose the important step that is fiber production process 2.

After 2 times fiber passes the riddle of round hole, lave should pass sieve entirely, so that disturb material and contaminant such as dispersedly better impurity of etc of content of paper piece, cellulose, gooey, dope, hot frit.

Foreign matter course is chosen every time and more concentration, avoid the loss of fiber material even at the same time. The quality of end item paper or chipboard depends on adopts filtration systematic efficiency. Makes according to mechanical design standard and irrigation works standard avery kind of is chosen machine, be used as to be an obturator, and but by additional two the mainest element namely screen frame and rotor will adjust its are optimal choose the effect. The relation between component of job of interior of the machine that sift an oar and locomotive parameter, deciding to obtain how old installation goal greatly. Be necessary to use the screen frame with the finest aperture to match the outline of appearance of compass screen surface with can smooth movement so. The action of rotor is to supply oar and clean screen frame. Soft when changing locomotive way with the interference material that plays plasticity, be passed impossibly or jam the sieve is seamed.

Still answer to purifier of special attention is, want eliminate to be mixed smally particularly heavy grain. Get good gooey and contaminant dispersedly, use purifier ability eliminate only. Still have, the geometrical appearance of purifier, basically be by sheet piece composition, because this does not affect centrifugal force and flow direction. It still answers special wear-resisting caustic.