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It is with the person this green commerce packs the application that reachs its
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Commerce packs a design to be told from the concept, means rises article wrap up, adornment. The human nature that commerce packs a design is changed and the green trade data that pack is it is with the person this foundation, it is to supplement each other, be short of one cannot.

One, the human nature that commerce packs a design is changed

Modern trade packs a design also is to build actually be in with factitious on this principle foundation, the continuance that the design of future that pack is the contemporary design that pack and deepen, also be to be in contemporary develop on the foundation that pack. Accordingly they are inseparable. Commerce packs the human nature of the design to change is it is with the person this the principle is important reflect, applying main body mediumly actually to be designed in the heal of the product now, deposit a design, can inspect a few respects such as sexual design, design design, structure design.

1. Heal designs body to go to the lavatory to close now, for instance the slide fastener bag, bag that add the mouth. Washing powder, scour kind day changes a product to all be farinaceous or liquid, n is placed suck tide easily or asperse fall, the requirement after opening again heal, so, this kinds of flexible package bag the design is slide fastener bag or add mouth bag, can be used for many times repeatedly and won't influential, will get great welcome.

2. Deposit a design rationalize body stores now convenient on, free-standing bag, compound tube is packed predominate. At present shampoo, wash one's hands fluid, wash clothes the liquid day such as fluid is changed article already phase-in is packed this kinds.

3. Can inspecting a gender to design is the transparent package that shows consumer loves, transparent package feels with huge safety to consumer, reliability is great rise.

4. Design is designed should ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, advocate culture of individuation, person. Can consume a crowd according to what differ, take different design form, children should lively, vivid; Senile should composed, serene; The youth answers in exuberant.

5. Structural design is advocated contracted change pack. According to content content requirement, ask in order to satisfy most postulate undertakes the structure is designed, pack cost with the bring down, reduce needless waste, offer lowermost consumption.

The human nature that commerce packs changes the need that returns body to satisfy special crowd now to go up, if be aimed at sweethearts consumption, marriage to celebrate consumption to reach,marry those who commemorate a theme pack, pack in the light of what give birth to day of congratulatory theme etc; Similar product also should be distinguished somewhat in the packing fixed position when facing different consumptive market.

"The design is the activity that serves for other. " the product that makes consumer more satisfactory for the design, on one hand stylist is communicated through undertaking with consumer, feedback consumer information, on the other hand stylist itself also is consumer, they guide design thinking hard from the psychological angle of consumer, achieve design content and the harmony that consume an object.
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