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A knock off art of the bits that abandon aluminium
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, of aluminous bits reclaim, roast with screening

1. Of aluminous bits reclaim

When aluminous cast undertakes cutting is machined, cut bits to occupy the 20 % of cast weight about, highest amount to 30 % to control. At present aluminous price amounts to 15000 yuan of / on the market or so tons, because this reclaims,the aluminous bits in process of treatment of machine of piston series product can reduce manufacturing cost, have good economic benefits. Aluminous bits reclaims the job should go to meaning the following: (1) after the workpiece treatment when some material qualitative brand ends, should seasonable country closes, in case aluminous bits mixes size. When reclaiming, answer the ministry of aluminous bits an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions with an all sorts of machine tool medium batholith that attend cutting clears clean, (2) reclaiming aluminous bits should classify semicolon strictly to pile up by the brand in the case storehouse that puts a regulation at lay aside, indicate the phyletic brand of aluminous bits, conditional when should seasonable remelting, avoid to mix size. (3) should avoid silt, bombazine to wait sundry interfuse aluminous bits.

2. The warm-up of aluminous bits is roast

Aluminous bits contains much oil and moisture content. Oil and moisture come from machine treatment process, or other process (be like to increase the be no longer in force of piston spare parts even degree, adoption oily dissolve heat the craft such as lukewarm invalidation) , if save not to be pooh-poohed to oxidize rustily and serious, should undertake warm-up in time so roast. The roast temperature of aluminous bits needs fibrous root decides according to the Song Dynasty of each respect element. Temperature is exorbitant, not only loss of quantity of heat is big, and the intense oxidation that can create aluminous bit. So general and roast temperature should lean on a stick is made between 250 ~ 300C. Aluminous bits is roast the simplest method is will aluminous bits place heat on armor plate, bake not fumy till. Also can use will aluminous bits to be put " the skip that bake " in, in pushing stoving kiln to undertake roast or will aluminous bits adds labour frequency oven, put cast-iron lane bowl inside roast, make oil is mixed always volatilize below high temperature and burn, undertake fusion next (of course the defect of this kind of method is work requirement difference, aerosol is full of a workshop) warm-up of J aluminous bits is roast not only but the oil in purify aluminous bits and water, and can shorten fusion time, reducing power consumption while, can improve the productivity of fusion equipment, reduce refine of bake in a pan (remelting) cost.

The screening of aluminous bits

Aluminous bits is in roast after ending, had better undertake screening is handled, the mud of the oxidation powder that arises possibly with purify or be mingled with is arenaceous reach the steel bit that takes. But if aluminous bits very " fresh " clean, and roast temperature is normal, criterion need not screening. Pass the aluminous bits of above pretreatment, can use melt down remelting, pouring into second birth ingot, use in order to offer fusion when aluminium alloy.
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