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A knock off art of the bits that abandon aluminium
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2, aluminous bits is in the fusion in labour frequency furnace

The fusion method of aluminous bits has 2 kinds commonly: ① two fusion law: It is will aluminous bits for the first time fused Cheng Zhu piece (second birth ingot) hind by its chemical component classification piles up; second birth the 2nd times ingot matchs into furnace fusion to give finished product when fusion. (2) add a way directly: When using this kind of method, can be opposite in furnace directly aluminous bits undertakes roast (use more than heat or below base lukewarm case) , after drying of bits waiting for aluminium, warm up to make its fused and be joined again all sorts of advocate, complementary makings undertakes fusion. Photograph of two kinds of methods is compared, two fusion, power consumption and element burn caustic bigger. Manage working loaded down with trivial details, waste manpower and material resources. And the 2nd kind of method applies to serial production only use when the aluminous cast of a kind of brand, the aluminium that contemporaneity produces much look brand when, with the first kind of method relatively applicable.

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