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Abandon what electronic old home appliance abandons cupreous material to reclaim
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A priori of copper mine resource of our country is insufficient. Cannot satisfy the need that national economy grows adequately from beginning to end. From 20 centuries since 80 time. Problem of cupreous demand shortage relies on an entrance to try to complement all the time, solve. As a result of this, our country government and relevant enterprise all through the ages are miscellaneous to abandoning of copper reclaim use take seriously very. 20 centuries before 90 time, branch of national goods and materials and system of company of supply and marketing build extensive useless old metal and useless old goods and materials to reclaim in the whole nation network, reclaim those who abandon miscellaneous copper include mandatory planning.

Enter 20 centuries after 90 time, as system of socialist market economy build and perfect those who reach national economy to develop continuously stage by stage, cupreous consumption dimensions grows quickly, because this is opposite,the demand of useless miscellaneous copper increases considerably, expand the supply market of useless miscellaneous copper by home abroad. The import volume of useless miscellaneous copper begins increase of year after year. The breed that home imports useless miscellaneous copper basically is 2# useless miscellaneous copper, useless old electrical wiring, cable and contain the useless old electric machinery with low copper to wait in great quantities. The useless miscellaneous copper that our country imports basically comes from the United States, Japan, European Union and Russia, import an amount from the United States among them the biggest, occupy the 50% of ~ of 40 % that imports gross about.

Home abandons miscellaneous copper to reclaim the characteristic of course of study is many bits of face wide. From large and medium-sized the industry appears some reclaiming to use means to look, can divide roughly for 4 kinds of types: ① is state-owned and large collect the copper that choose smelt metal joint venture, this kind of industry recovers using useless miscellaneous copper basically is to be complement to have raw material oneself (cupreous concentrate) insufficient, satisfy the need that develops productivity, like company of silver nonferrous metal, big smelt metal hill of company of nonferrous metal company, Jiangxi copper estate, copper has nonferrous metal company to wait; ② purchases cupreous concentrate and useless miscellaneous copper to satisfy the business that produces need in the round, wait like smeltery of Chongqing smeltery, Yunnan smeltery, individual plant continent, Shenyang smeltery; 3 comprehensive blister copper and useless miscellaneous copper have remelting, fine, electroanalysis the company that contented production wants, be like Wuhan smeltery, too the storehouse is industry of copper of source of Xin of east of cathode copper factory, Changzhou, peaceful plant of timber of copper of processing factory of copper of a company of estate of Jin Tian copper, Luoyang, Guangzhou; ④ reclaims in the round the enterprise that useless miscellaneous copper will come to have production, like Tianjin cathode copper factory (have partial blister copper) etc. Besides afore-mentioned large and medium-sized outside company of cupreous smelt treatment, our country still has many small-sized copper smeltery at present. These enterprises belong to collective or privately owned more individual business is raw material with abandoning miscellaneous copper, use simple manufacturing technology (cupola, small reverberator) reclaim second birth, earning product great majority is blister copper (common weighs black copper) . Among them, the end item that also has a few companies is bluestone. Anyhow, the blister copper that this kind of enterprise produces contains impurity commonly taller, cannot use at production to process cupreous material directly, these products all need to undertake farther fine electroanalysis. In traditional production, management process, home is useless miscellaneous copper reclaims and main distribution centre already formed reborn gradually. According to investigation, at present home abandons miscellaneous copper reclaim second birth basically is in Heibei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang centrally, the 5 provinces city such as Guangdong and Shanghai. And the enterprise amount that Jiangsu province and Shanghai produce second birth copper not only is much, the crop of second birth copper is big also. Current, home abandons miscellaneous copper reclaim to be installed second birth and the Qing Yuan that sell current distribution centre to basically be centered in Heibei to save, newly, the carry on that Zhejiang saves is promoted, Ning Bo and area of Guangdong and other places.
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