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Useless plastic -- bottle kind reclaim
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Bottle kind have cool and refreshing carefe, mineral water bottle, liquid food bottle, cosmetic bottle, etc, uses data has polyethylene (PE) , polyvinyl chloride (PVC) , get together to benzene second of 2 formic acid 2 ester (polyester) (PET) etc. Normally mineral water bottle uses P VC or PET is made, carbonic acid carefe is made with PET, cool and refreshing carefe, liquid food bottle uses PVC, PE is made, scour bottle, cosmetic bottle, milk bottle, lactobacillus beverage uses PE to make mostly.
All sorts of reclaiming bottle kind choose via man minute first commonly, undertake reclaiming by different material again next, current, already many technologies and equipment are used at all sorts of bottle kind reclaim second birth
One. Of PET bottle reclaim: PET bottle is used at Coke Cola in great quantities, 100 things coke, the carbonic acid beverage such as Xue Bi, it is by PET bottle and HDPE bottom are comprised for the most part at present, cap material HDPE, brand is biaxial stretching polypropylene (BOPP) filmy, use EVA model stick the conglutinate that receive a dose at body, the way of the recycle after polyester bottle reclaims has second birth to build bead. Alcoholysis and other wait for a method. Why to no matter use,plant method, want to depart polyester bottle and other bottle above all, also need to depart polyester body and bottom.
① is detached: Compound adds conveyer belt of classics receiving bottle to enter disintegrator to smash, depart via density again.
② second birth builds bead: Second birth builds an usable extruder. Via detached PET extruder of broken makings classics is squeezed piece build bead to make a material, when going out to avoid to squeeze bibulous make content sex viscosity drops, squeezing before going out, should undertake dry. The utility that PET bead expects is as follows:
A, make PET bottle afresh, makings of second birth bead cannot be used at contacting a circumstance directly with food, but the intermediate layer that can be used at three-layer PET bottle, recycle becomes carbonic acid carefe.
B. Filature makes fiber, stuff of stuff of second birth PET can use filature to make fiber, use as pillow core, the mattress, sleeping bag, felt.
C. Bo fine enhances material, the second birth PET that increases via Bo fine has better hear resistance and mechanical strength, can use component of the car that make, if heat-resisting car wheel is overspread, its heat up distortion temperature to be able to amount to 240 degrees. Change a 9500MPa of stretch model quantity, flexural strength 214 MPa, impact strength 15kf/m2.
D. Mix modified in all, stuff of stuff of second birth PET can be mixed in all with other polymer, make so that all sorts of modified expect, if be mixed in all with PE, the PET that attainable concussion function improves in all batch mixing, PE: PET is (10~50) : (90~50) : Be like rejoin a few polypropylene, stability can obtain the size that mixes thing in all to be improved apparently. Differ as a result of the polarity of PE and PET bigger, so, need to undertake be allowinged handling when be mixed in all, the graft modified that passes polyolefin commonly will improve consistence.
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