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Useless aluminium reclaims must classify
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Secondary aluminium because its are energy-saving the advantage such as environmental protection, become each country to pay close attention to the key of development in recent years. China develops secondary aluminium as the country that lacks the sources of energy, resource is no time to delay more. Come nearly ten years, secondary aluminium also develops flourishingly in China as the development of aluminous industry rise. Formed Shanghai new standard, Zhejiang the enterprise of a batch of secondary aluminium such as 10 thousand peaceful, to support can last with stimulative our country development also had certain effect. But at the same time, secondary aluminium develops the problem that a few earnestly also appeared to need to solve in the process, resource uses efficiency low a when exist at present namely general issue.

Aluminium alloy is mostly in reclaiming useless old aluminium, basically have 8 series, among them 4 series are aluminous silicon department, 5 departments to label aluminium magnesium department, 6 departments to label aluminium magnesium silicon is, it is the series with alloy higher class status, have taller reclaim value. But at present, a lot of domestic second birth enterprise, did not consider reclaim the alloy composition composition of useless aluminium, put all useless aluminium into forge entirely, can destroy alloy part not only so, also reduced the grade of secondary aluminium, wasted resource.

It is with pulling coal tub easily exemple, pulling coal tub easily is a kind of commonly used running stores, had used abandon namely, total cycle time is very short. And pulling coal tub place easily to use data is the aluminium alloy with a kind of higher class, reclaim value is high, after be being used through reclaiming, but recycle is become pull coal tub easily, repeat a loop to use for many times. In the meantime, reclaim use pull coal tub easily OK and managing much electric power, 5% what the electricity that produces cost of aluminous material place with useless aluminium is equivalent to abstracting aluminous power consumption from inside ore only, reclaim use to pull coal tub easily managing electricity is enough 20 inches of TV use 3 hours. Accordingly, a lot of countries especially developed country, reclaim to what useless old aluminium pulls coal tub easily and use take seriously very much, reclaim recycle rate also rises ceaselessly.

Current, abroad wastes the benefit utility way that plays coal tub easily basically is: (1) produces steel-making deoxidizer; (2) to produce; (3) of secondary aluminium ingot to produce the product of ingot of a kind of approximate aluminium, the fusion of raw material; (4) that becomes alloy burden becomes former brand (the aluminium alloy of 3004) , use at production to pull coal tub easily directly. Among them, use abandoning the aluminium alloy that pulls coal tub easily to produce former brand is optimal way.

What the United States uses at present is easy pulling coal tub to have 2 /3 is to use abandon old pull coal tub fusion easily to produce, and our country pulls coal tub second birth easily to use in problem of the existence on resource configuration, so far, our country has not been used abandon the company that helps coal tub easily produce original name aluminium alloy. Majority abandons aluminium to pull coal tub easily to be regarded as to add feed in raw material to be used at the production of other domain, or as the aluminium that be not mark ingot is used. True by reductive production not much. Because our country abandons what aluminium pulls coal tub easily to reclaim at present,this is, store carry, grading, pretreatment and fusion treatment process still are in extensive type stage of production, make pull the resource abandoning aluminium that coal tub is worth this at high price easily to be demoted to use, especially small company uses the producer formula that mixes refine generally, created the waste of resource effectiveness thereby.
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