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Green China, contest of knowledge of environmental protection of the 2nd whole n
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Via national environmental protection total bureau is approved, by Chinese environment culture stimulative meeting sponsors " green China -- contest of knowledge of environmental protection of the 2nd whole nation " ended satisfactorily in Beijing a few days ago. Recently, pass TV final, all award of this second contest bright flower has all advocate. Have the honor to win finals champion (first prize) is the Zhang Zhentian that comes from Henan to save bureau of environmental protection of city of new rural area; 11 players cent is obtained 2, third class award; 100 players win winning prize, additionally still 15 units win the constituent award of this second contest.

This the tenet of the contest is to implement scientific progress concept actively, sponsor an unit organic combined traditional media and contemporary media advantage, use intellectual contest friendly to building an environment model society, the State Council " the decision that watchs protection of beaded finish condition about fulfilling scientific progress " , congress of environmental protection of the 6th whole nation, " 915 " the program undertook extensive conduct propaganda. Reject is bought