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Green prairie calls ecological balance
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Our country has of all kinds and natural grass 400 million hectare, occupy the 40 % of land area about, occupy the 64.1 % of countrywide green vegetation. Gross area of our country prairie is next to Australia, house world the 2nd, basically distributing to wait for province area in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, Ningxia. The prairie has special and main effect in zoology environment construction, it is to resist desert advance guard position, it is important fountainhead self-restraint land. The great river great river such as the Yellow River, the Yangtse River reachs his main minor aspects originates at prairie area, middle reaches sheds classics prairie division on. The protection of the prairie and construction work whether had done, prairie whether the effect that produces soil erosion of its peculiar windbreak solid sand, prevention and cure, also matter to area of mid, the eastpart part directly whether avoid those who get desert and atrocious weather to invade, matter to the zoology quality of great river great river.

Wait for many sided reason as a result of natural, society, history, our country natural prairie degrades badly. Subsequently and those who come is to carry cultivate ability to drop considerably, prairie zoology environment worsens continuously, desert changes an area to increase ceaselessly, jiang He is broken stream, laky dry up, the natural disaster such as sanded dust storm happens often... these, restricting the development of prairie stock raising not only, income of influence farming herdsman increases, and direct menace arrives national modes of life and relation to their environment is safe. Strengthen prairie protection, construction and management, to safeguard and improving zoology environment, accelerate development of economy of a pasturing area, raise broad herdsman living standard, prosperity of economy of stimulative nation region and social progress have very important strategy sense. Accordingly, environment of zoology of prairie of keep within limits continues to worsen, protect and restore prairie ecological balance, had become the urgent matter that we have land is administered.

Prairie predestined relationship why bruise of again and again

Current, our country degrades badly the prairie is close 180 million hectare, and with annual the speed of 2 million hectare is outspread, natural prairie area reduces about 650 thousand ~ every year 700 thousand hectare. Prairie quality drops ceaselessly, 90 time and compare at the beginning of 60 time, northward and natural prairie produced careless quantity to drop 50 % of 30 % ~ . Of center of application of remote sensing of Ministry of Agriculture monitor and findings shows, since 80 time, distributinging area of northward and main prairie produces careless quantity to all show downtrend, drop on average extent is 17.6 % . Drop range is the biggest is desert prairie, amount to 40 % left and right sides; The fall of typical prairie extent is controlled in 20 % . Look from province, volume yield grass drops a few provinces with the biggest range distinguish is not Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Gansu Province, amount to 27.6 % , 25.3 % , 24.4 % , 24.6 % , 20.2 % respectively.
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