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Close with world world day (on April 22) data
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Setting data: World world day
April 22 is world world day, our country's affirmatory this year theme is " be kind to the earth, protect an environment " .
United States of earthly day traceable. 1969, senator of the Democratic Party builds Nielsen of · of heart of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to offer, be in the United States the seminar that concerned environment issue holds inside each campus, and will second year served as on April 22 " earthly day " . 25 years old at that time the specific conception that Dennis Hays of student of courtyard of law of haing Buddha university offerred this very quickly to become to develop activity of large-scale community sex in completely beautiful each district, get the enthusiastic support of student of a lot of youths. On April 22, 1970, the United States held impetus huge first " earthly day " activity, each district makes an appointment with 20 million person to attend, be known as the American scale is the largest society activity since World War II at that time.
On April 22, 1990, 140 many countries, 200 million much person is in the whole world at the same time each district held varied propaganda, the theme is how to improve global whole environment. This the activity makes people realises more soberly, as the ceaseless development of global industry, atmosphere ozonosphere is destroyed, the global climate that brings from this is unusual change, becoming the cosmopolitan issue that direct and minatory mankind lives. This activity received the nod approval of U.N. , ever since, annual was certainly on April 22 " world world day " .
Current, world environment issue is even more outstanding, desert of soil erosion, land is changed, pollution of fresh water resource. The figure that announces according to U.N. makes clear, 20 centuries area of forest of 90 time whole world with average and annual 2. The speed of 4 % is cut, come nearly 10 years, the silvan gross area that the whole world disappears achieves 94 million hectare. The whole world is at present close the terrestrial surface of 1/2 and population of 1 billion above are changed an effect by desert. In air pollution respect, from 1965 to 1998, discharge capacity of global carbon dioxide broke up one time. A lot of country fronts on eye preexistence bound face crisis of water natural resources: 1.2 billion person is in short supply with water, 3 billion person lacks facilities of the sanitation that use water, every year 3 million die at the disease that concerns with water to 4 million person. To 2025, water crisis will spread to 48 countries, place of 3.5 billion factitious water is stranded.
Of activity of world world day hold, with period the consciousness that arouses the mankind to cherish home of the earth, protection, stimulative resource development and environmental protection coordinate development. Our country from 20 centuries 90 time rise, held world world day every year to commemorate an activity on April 22. (be over)

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