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Protect an environment: The heart goes together with the world
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Take seriously what put an environment as people opposite increasingly, environmental protection already made the central point that a world pays close attention to. The mankind has an earth only! Protect an environment, protect ourselves namely actually, protect our descendants namely. Development economy is very important, the experience of a few developed countries also tells us: Want everybody to strengthen environmental protection consciousness ceaselessly only, make from the a bit, perserve, both be not contrary...
Japan: From " suffocative " to clear settleclear azure
The person that has lived for some time in Tokyo can discover possibly, the day sky of noisy fine is so blue that the day sky of noisy fine glittering and translucent get rid of appears, the station is pinnacled, can see about the same the Fujiyama outside 100 kilometer. But be in 30 old before, include Tokyo such big city inside, japanese old industrial district and air pollution of traffic artery along the line are serious, osaka still was obtained even " smoke " another namer.
From make a person in former days " suffocative " to the azure with settleclear nowadays Qing Dynasty, change is breathtaking. In avoid air pollution field, japanese government guides correctly, the company fulfills compulsory, countryman actively to be participated in extensively produced main effect.
Japan produces unripe fountainhead to begin from air pollution content, its cent gives birth to source and shift happening source for fixed hair. Fixed hair source of student basically points to all sorts of equipment of the industrial and mining enterprises, and all sorts of vehicle that shift happening source includes to be a delegate with the car.
Be aimed at fixed hair source of student, japan devotes oneself to the technology such as to decoke of dust collection of research and development, smoke evacuation, heavy oil to decoke for a long time, drive an industrial and mining enterprises to configure corresponding environmental protection establishment. And the most measure that produces a source in the light of shift is it is an object with the car. To gain ground low discharge a car, japan is carried out low discharge a car to maintain a system, light-duty car, medium-sized car can save application to accept to land traffic low discharge a car to maintain. The car that can enjoy different level through the car of attestation purchases the privilege of duty and car royalities.
A lot of big companies of Japanese have his green to manage a concept. For example, the concept that day establishs a company is " make from me, it is development target in order to create the company of environmental value " ; The target of the company below the pine is " as accrete as earthly environment, the implementation on the life is new opulent, the influence that limits pair of environments at the same time " . In be being made on the base that every enterprise runs a concept in green long-term goal, use renewable resources and product of development environmental protection to wait with respect to the loop set make quantify index specificly.
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