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Civilized behavior convention travels inside Chinese fair the Republic of China
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Build civilized, harmonious travel environment, matter to the personal interest of every tourist. Becoming civilized visitor is the obligation of all of us, observe the following pact please:

Condition of retaining ring of 1 , dimension is wholesome. Do not spit everywhere and chewing gum, do not throw litter in disorder, do not smoke in place of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade.

2, abide by public order. Not roaring and clamorous, queue up to abide by order, not collateral in the way, do not chat loudly in public place.

3, environment of protective organisms' habits. Not trample greenbelt, do not pick fold flowers and trees and fructification, do not chase after catch, cast dozen, feed an animal in disorder.

4, historic site of protective cultural relic. Do not engrave in the besmear on cultural relic historic site, do not climb climb feeling cultural relic, take a picture photograph resemble abiding by a regulation.

5, cherish public facilities. Not things of blemish guest room, do not damage public facilities, not corrupt take small advantage, managing use phone with water, have dinner is not wasteful.

6, esteem others right. Do not mix forcibly foreign guest group photo, incorrect others sneeze, take up not for a long time public facilities, esteem serves the labor of personnel, respect each nation religion consuetudinary.

7, exquisite need a person with the ceremony. Dress is neat and decent, be absent barebacked of bosom of public leave uncovered; Comity is old young disease damage, comity lady; Do not speak vulgar language.

8, advocate healthy recreation. Boycott has blind faith in an activity feudality, reject to fizzle out, bet, poison.

Central civilization runs national tourism bureau

On October 2, 2006

(Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on October 2 report)

·Chinese citizen leaves the country guideline of travel civilization behavior

Chinese citizen, leave the country travel, pay attention to formal, stand upon one's dignity.

Pay attention to sanitation, cherish an environment; Dress is decent, please not roaring.

Honour old love young, find pleasure to help others; The lady is first, courteous and self-effacing.

Go out to handle affairs all right, punctual; Queue up orderly, do not jump over Huang Xian.

Civilization lodges, not caustic things; Quiet have dinner, do not waste please.

Healthy recreation, good body and mind; Gamble pornography, refuse stoutly.

Look around visit, abide by a regulation; Consuetudinary and no-no, do not affront.

Encounter have difficulty, seek advice get a house; Civilization goes out row, have a pleasant journey.

Central civilization runs national tourism bureau

On October 2, 2006