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The whole world is calefacient all-around day of world of influence mankind worl
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Occupy Paris of Xinhua News Agency 20 days report this year in Feburary, change of the climate between U.N. government is special the report that committee publishs is forecasted, to 2100, the whole world is average air temperature will be elevatory 1. 8 Celsius come 4 Celsius, will bring about sea level to lift 18 centimeters reach 59 centimeters.

Ordinary common people is afraid to the particular significance of afore-mentioned numbers not very clear. According to the expert's explanation, if the whole world is average gas temperature rise is fast 2 Celsius, on the earth 15 % will are faced with to the species of 40 % eradicate danger; If do not take step, to this century middle period, the whole world will have 200 million population to because sea level is elevatory,be met, big waterlogged or arid and must abandon home.

Actually, climate is heated the consequence that cause is far still more than these, it is all-around to the influence of whole world and mankind. France is newest first phase " science and life " the magazine publishs an article to point out, climate is heated to economy development is caused inflict heavy losses on, live with the mankind especially the agriculture of be closely bound up. The article says, climate is heated will bring about lack water badly, although each agriculture irrigates the project can offset a few losses, but the fountainhead of how many immediate impact of precipitation.

In energy field, climate is heated had changed former the sources of energy to use up pattern. The expert says, past is winter warms oneself waste the sources of energy, now is the summer drops in temperature waste the sources of energy.

In addition, calefacient immediate still impact goes to climate the protection of nature and culture bequest. U.N. Educational publishs recently " climate change and world bequest case research " climate was summarized to change in one book the menace of pair of nature and culture bequest. This book points out, global glacier melts to destroying the habitat of rare and feral species, sea level rises and big calamity will reach living area to bring disaster to a lot of ancient cities. In the light of world marine relics character, predict 2010, the whole world the influence that the deep-sea coral of 70 % will be risen to increase with briny acidity by temperature.

Japan: The whole people answers climate calefacient

According to Tokyo of Xinhua News Agency 21 days of report suffer the natural condition such as geographical environment to restrict, the whole world is calefacient ambitious to Japanese influence at other developed country. For this, japanese establish the whole people is participated in answer the mechanism with heated climate, promote the plan such as development of energy-saving, new energy resources from consciousness and technical level.
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