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51 will come to promote civilized tourism again
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Arrive again in an instant 51, leave the country travel receives a group to already neared end. Those prepare the friends of travel going abroad, should carry to you here wake. In abroad travel should avoid uncivilized action as far as possible, ying Wei protects the Chinese's good international figure. What ability should accomplish to won't lose face to compatriots so?

Leave the country swim common uncivilized behavior

1 everywhere is cast lose rubbish, deserted

2 disregard mark of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade to want to suck suck, pollute communal space, endanger other health;

3 when taking public traffic tool, contend for grab jam, shop, the jump the queue when looking around increases a place of strategic importance, huang Xian spans when queueing up to wait;

4 wait in car boat, plane, dining-room, guesthouse, tourist attraction public receive loudly call, Hu Peng calls out friendly, a finger-guessing game to make all right, gather together clamorous;

5 play in the religious place such as cathedral, cloister, fun, do not respect local dweller custom;

Bosom of leave uncovered of footgear, barebacked is shucked off under 6 a public occasion, coil trouser legs to knee above, become warped " cross-legged or with ankle on knee " , full after of wine full meal conceals tooth of ground get rid of none, night clothes is worn beyond the bedroom or sloppily dressed, sight of be a hindrance to.

Tissue of 7 conversation dirty word, bearing is cloddish and bossy, encounter dispute or not satisfactory trouble have a fit, evil language photograph to, lack basic and gregarious accomplishment;

8 in the inn that does not sell at a discount argy-bargy, pull a foreigner to take a picture forcibly, group photo;

Place of 9 sortie pornography, enter gamble activity;

10 do not consume occupy consumptive area for long however, waste is taken more when eating buffet, leave to take away blame gift when hotel restaurant, enjoy service after not to pay fee, corrupt take small advantage.

Above these a few, a few shape did you take? Probably tourist such behavior is minority only, but the behavior that is a small number of people merely lets however " Chinese " became uncivilized, cloddish pronoun.

Talk about civilized travel from basic necessities of life

The garment: Often see a lot of Chinese are when travel going abroad, the suit is very straight, make tie, wear strong base leather shoes, this kind of dress appears too polite, complete not need. Be in abroad, when white-collar employee goes to work and formal meeting, exchange views wait for a circumstance to must wear normal suit commonly, make tie, but they are beyond formal circumstance do not wear business suit to make tie absolutely. Go out especially when travel, wear recreational dress, move soft sole. Business suit change walks on be Chinese tourist " one great marvellous spectacle " , wearing so, oneself do not feel comfortable and optional, strong base shoe also does not facilitate walk. Loosen oneself, chinese tourist!
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