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Award of innovation of popular science of environmental protection of the first
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Xu Fengxiang (female) director of chairman of committee of education of popular science of Chinese ecology society, reputation
Recommend an unit: Chinese ecology learns
Go up oneself century since 50 time, be engaged in scientific research of zoology environmental protection teaching the job, inspected 65 main forest zone of countrywide, taught Tibetan Chinese to learn a 40 more than order, scientific research is dedicated, education is rigorous, scientific research popular science teachs harvest heavy full figure.
In her year a fifty years old during, ascend Tibet is downy, outside hiding education except aid, initiated downy zoology to research a field, established downy zoology institute (downy cabin) , inspected the main zoology type of Tibetan highland and silvan vegetation. Field inspects the journey to amount to 130 thousand more than kilometer, have gone through hardships, achievement is outstanding, to introduced the landscape with Tibetan little-known highland and resource advantage domestic and internationally, for Tibet downy reasonable development and protection had forerunner effect.
Be over sixty years old in her, this belonging to emeritus year, step down Tibetan highland however, went up Beijing clever hill, walk out of advanced institution of higher learning, established institute of zoology of Beijing clever hill (clever hill cabin) , pursue education of popular science of zoology environmental protection, it is introductory Tibet and be in harmony of protective clever hill an organic whole, developed the education that provides distinguishing feature alone, scientific research, culture, function that purifies the green base that is united in wedlock, zoology benefit and social commonweal effect are distinct.
Science and education of zoology of clever hill of base oneself upon works, pay close attention to western downy construction and protection, begin big highland (3 class are downy: Highland is cheated inside Qinghai-Tibet Platean, southwest highland, loess) zoology contrast makes an on-the-spot investigation. 2000, she already year 70, it is under the project approving support of world natural fund, began contrast of Chinese downy zoology to inspect an item; 2001, pay a return visit of Tibetan highland zoology; 2002, of Xinjiang wasteland and oasis make an on-the-spot investigation; 2003, tribute of southwest and downy Gao Li - alone of Long Jiang a gleam of make an on-the-spot investigation; 2005, the finds green explore source modes of life and relation to their environment that highland cheats inside loess makes an on-the-spot investigation. On the way since expedition, developed zoology environmental protection to teach the action of propaganda team again.
Be engaged in zoology environmental protection teaching practice, hold adolescent " summer camp " , the lecture of zoology environmental protection of each level, annual 10 above, recieve at the same time look around and explain, make an appointment with 20 thousand person-time in all. Should capital and other place of big, medium, elementary school invite, characteristic of zoology of highland of knowledge of tuitional zoology popular science, introduction, appeal pays close attention to zoology to wait flimsily, annual 5 above, make an appointment with 15 thousand person-time in all. Participate in the conference of concerned zoology environmental protection and activity, accept relevant media cover a report, elaborate environmental protection concept, the appeal protects nature.
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