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Award of innovation of popular science of environmental protection of the first
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Review her the practice of science and education of zoology environmental protection of half century, the love to land and flimsy to zoology care, announce to develop simultaneously with caution, the manner with practice, get right on the job, real character undertakes to society and adolescent the environmental protection of from the bottom of one's heart is taught. One with be linked together, all one's life struggle.
Circumstance of bear the palm:
2000 association of Chinese environment journalist the 4th " earthly award " ; Total bureau of national environmental protection was hired 2000 for " environmental emissary " ; The 2nd loved my China 2001 everybody goes activity " patriotic star " title; Chinese afforest committee was hired 2003 for " green guide " .
The 9th middle school of city of big talk of province of Li Chengguo Hainan is emeritus teacher
Recommend an unit: Bureau of resource of environment of land of big talk city
After retiring 1991, come to 40 years accumulate the teaching material that come down and data to undertake classified, arrange, often mix to Xin Huashu inn library collect data, seek issue of concerned environmental protection newest, the common explanation with science, the living cost that takes out live frugaly scrape up to come down at the same time buys the tool such as paper, pen, painty scissors, contribute meticulously, scale picture, data of clip and paste, used time of 2 years full, made many 400 environmental protection knowledge that pursues Wen Bingmao, straightaway publicize a picture, did " environmental protection popular science is exhibited " , exhibited " protect popular science of wild vivid plant " , " protect Mu Qinghe " , " save ozonosphere to publicize " , " cleared white is polluted " wait for content, personal shoulder asks the data that carries a bunch to bind ten jins to weigh and picture, organization of old middle and primary school and 226 nursery school of two city, society mixes thorough big talk, hill fining jade public itinerate justice exhibit. To cooperate to exhibit, take at the same time " the pollution of water " , " afforestation " , " blue sky of green hill green water " the popular science video tape that waits for content is shown, every reach a school, start the feeling after student compose is watched and small argumentative writing, launch environmental protection investigation, contest of environmental protection knowledge, environmental protection is literary wait for an activity. Undertake lecture of environmental protection information many 100, write propaganda paterial to presswork according to the data 200 thousand, when exhibiting every time, send out freely masses is read. Did not stretch his hand to country, school in this charge in preparatory process want money 1 minute, 6 years itinerate is belonged to more showpiece on foot, the journey makes an appointment with 10 thousand much kilometer, audience, audience amounts to 20 much person-time.
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