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You today environmental protection?
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Chinese history is long, the Chinese greets sb to also be being appeared so literate, unlike is the person of English country, greet sb even if so You of a Howare   , changeless 1800, also do not have fresh, irritated. The Chinese greets sb to make abound then: Does  achieve idle of prize of Cong of Hou of Yang have diarrhoea does Zhen of temple of my another name for Guangdong Province protect delay of approach of bed of Qian of reason of center of  pen back to use up ∧ of coffin of this idle full embeds  Zhen to protect  to cut ┠ to good Kong ǖ mu does Bo change instrument of A Chinese-style unlined garment to be idle full does Chu of the A that display cruel protect  ?

Recently, organization of an environmental protection rolled out a new complimentary language: Exemplarying barren of  of extensive of handsome generation of Se of temple of numerous A of Ni of bay Jing Ken ancients name for a water catltrop  of model of Mei of choke of dainty of subcutaneous ulcer of collate having enough is numerous live abroad of cheek of Jia of a surname of bud of Ω of  of Jin of crab of 4 moth Xie Jia sticks Sui of 5 accept  ;

Actually, go backwards 229 years, almost the lifestyle of every Chinese is environmental protection. In those days, we go to work to take a bus or walk, have illicit home car without the person almost; Have a meal in those days the messtin that uses provide for oneself and ladle, without one-time eat box and chopstick; Wash the dress with the hand in those days, issue insolation in sunshine next, mix with washing machine without the person swing dry machine, also do not have so much dress; Buy dish to use food basket in those days, need not polybag, bag mug-up, tea uses kraft paper, without so much packing; Several days bathe in those days, unlike now a day, use soap only, also need not this so much juice of that fluid; Light bulb only in the evening in those days, and the person goes the lamp to destroy, the lamps and lanterns with sundry now unlike, day and night somebody nobody always is shining; The bridal chamber that marries in those days is brushed with become known, unlike now hundred thousands of decorate, marriage banquet a few desks...

The times changed, the life is rich, people passes daintily, not so environmental protection. 229 years ago, lifestyle is simple, mix necessarily simple, very few waste and redundant. After 229 years, the major spending of people is not contented must live condition, however to satisfy vanity. The television can show an issue most. In these in year, of the television change most frequent, average household had exchanged 34 TV sets at least, change bigger more, change more advanced more, actually TV content still is the same old stuff. Say good word, the TV set that Chinese common people uses is far the TV confidential that uses than developed country common people is advanced.

In those days the environmental protection of our lifestyle, because be mixed miserably,be backward. We spend superior time now, more and more not environmental protection, look the development result that this is regularity, fish and bear's paw cannot hold concurrently, be not is us intended not environmental protection, however cannot help doing sth. So, can we live advantageous life already environmental protection? This is the way that environmental protection organization appeals to we should go. Actually this is a very arduous road. Take this route in those days, did not feel arduous, because we do not have other options, marching ahead is. Differred now, so much choice, so much temptation. I drove old car, one day I take a bus to go to work, I feel that is the inconvenience that comparative. Let me return the time that took a bus to go to work once upon a time, I still cannot issue this determination really.
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