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The green color patch of Olympic Games of Beijing of energy-saving environmental
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The nerve center of the Olympic Games -- edifice of Beijing Olympic Games

Be in what just end " two meetings " during, "Green Olympic Games " make high frequency statement again, be represented the wide attention with committee members. Premier Wen Jiabao is in governmental working report, emphasized holding to scientific progress view again, begin the work of the respect such as energy-saving, blowdown, environmental protection. Liu Qi of secretary of municipal Party committee of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, Beijing also emphasizes, want to cite the strength of countrywide whole town, collect of each all circles wisdom, fulfil Olympic Games decisive engagement satisfactorily year make preparations the job.
2006, the zoology environment construction of Beijing and punish project are carried out smoothly, urban empty temperament measures the proportion that 2 class become reconciled counts at 2 degree weather to achieve 66 % , whole town chemical oxygen demand discharges gross and 2 oxidation sulfur to discharge gross to drop respectively 5.2 % and 7.9 % . Green Olympic Games is one of important concepts that Beijing Olympic Games offers, quicken the pace that achieves this one goal appear more important in the time that in the distance 2008 Olympic Games kick off to still have more than one year.
Recently, the reporter parted to undertake interviewing to building site of construction of stadium of edifice of Beijing Olympic Games, country, to the Olympic Games " green " had all-around contact.

BOCOG: Do an Olympic Games sparely

After Athenian Olympic Games ended on August 29, 2004, the 5 annulus banner of the Olympic Games is handed in in Beijing hand, beijing makes the central point that the whole world pays close attention to further. In this moment, how to hold sober head, prepare the Olympic Games the problem with fall to real point to become serious.

Be located in north the edifice of Beijing Olympic Games of the road in 4 annulus the nerve center that now is preparatory job of Beijing Olympic Games, the palm is controlling all preparatory processes of Beijing Olympic Games. The controller here told about the construction principle of Olympic Games place to the reporter: It is to want mining to put an amount, use existing sports place as far as possible, decrease repeat construction; 2 it is to build place standard to want measurable, the premise that needs in contented match finishs readjust project program, leave no stone unturned reduces project cost; 3 it is to build, rebuild after place wants mature game, use.
He tells a reporter, "Do an Olympic Games sparely " it is municipal government of municipal Party committee of the State Council, Beijing, BOCOG the consistent policy in present house construction. Be in early during BOCOG held water in December 2001, put forward explicitly " do an Olympic Games sparely " principle. In " Olympic Games action plans " in, "Do an Olympic Games sparely " also be labelled the first principle that place builds. Beijing makes clear a requirement, place devises plan must from safe, quality, function, time limit for a project, cost 5 respects undertake meticulous school nucleus is mixed optimize. The time limit for a project of Olympic Games place includes design, construction, try move wait for level. From the point of the characteristic that builds an industry, design segment is the largest to influence of whole project cost. Lengthen early days to design time appropriately, the case of each phase the other side that designing undertakes be optimizinged adequately, be helpful for reducing cost, assure safe, quality, function and time limit for a project. According to " do an Olympic Games sparely " requirement, beijing decides Olympic Games place built plan undertake be adjustmented appropriately pair 2008 finally. Place of Beijing Olympic Games builds headquarters to undertake publicity invite public bidding to Olympic Games project, requirement owner, design, construction and inspect manage unit are below the premise that accords with international Olympic committee and sports of international individual event to organize a standard, reflect hard " do an Olympic Games sparely " principle, ensure all place 2007 the complete before the bottom is checked and accept.
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