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Figure of year of first green China is judged piece
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Index of whose green person energy of life is highest? Whose environmental protection achievement can touch China most? On November 25, large award of character of first environmental protection of our country " figure of green China year " choose announce. The first is elected as a village by right of environmental protection concept appoint the sponsor that environmental protection of folk of the Tian Guirong of farmer of Henan new rural area that meets a director, the first China organizes the Liang Congjie, learned man that offers law the first times to help to contaminative victim.
According to introducing, according to the network voting, public opinion poll and expert choose 3 final results to make adding reach after advantageous position is average this one result. Among them, public opinion poll occupies the 40 % of weight, other two results occupy 30 % each. Different to 3 levels outcome undertakes increasing advantageous position average, it is this award the innovation of selection program, can mirror public volition in the round more objectively, reflect better " figure of green China year " the public spirit of large award. Academician of Jin Jianming of selection committee chairman tells a reporter, be in early choose at the beginning of starting, pan Yue of deputy director general of total bureau of national environmental protection to whole society acceptance, "Figure of green China year " award general " it is an award that reflects public spirit completely " .
Review this to choose, first and last " reflect public spirit, volition of comply with public " , choose regular, selection method and each selection measure to be made public to the society through media not only, more it is dominant with public volition everywhere in selection process: Mou of duckweed of ね of Gou Ying of  of show off of  of tuft  Lang goes straight towards creek to appear  of Suo of  a kind of reed nest of Tang   shuts sip alarm  a bit?0 person nucleus decreases  ǖ to wait for 5 people.
This " figure of green China year " choose divide 4 level in all: Show off calls out ∪ of Ting of awl Wo  revive person-time of?8523 of Can of  of danger of Ku  awl passed the form such as letter, network, phone to recommend 439 candidate; The 2nd phase determines level for candidate, the commissioner is met the basis chooses regulation, select 89 people, give the data the investigation company of domestic authority, the investigation statistic method that adopts the authority on international -- law of De Erfei's expert decided 20 candidate. The 3rd phase is final selection phase, 20 candidate accept a network to poll on the net, still undertook public opinion poll and commissioner meet an expert choose at the same time. Participate in selection expert to wait for all circles authority by chief of official of governmental official, U.N. , global famous learned man, senior environmentalist, important media, entrepreneur personage composition.
Concerned personage is passed right this second " figure of green China year " selection analysis thinks, selection result gives our country citizen from different flank report the cognitive level to environmental protection and share capacity. From the network voting angle looks, at one's own expenses 200 thousand yuan reclaim the Gui Ronghe of Henan farmer cropland of useless batteries refers the Zhejiang farmer that builds book of proposal of system of suit of environmental protection commonweal to the government Chen Faqing be among the best of candidates, the group of social weak force such as demonstrative farmer, off-duty workers can draw public attention more to the participation of environmental protection; And look from the angle of public opinion poll, the self-devotion of governmental clerk spirit has force more to the public. If become seriously ill to still stand fast,the Liu Tao of nuclear safety supervisor of line of safety first of nuclear power plant notchs be as high as 87.2 minutes, it is ordinary common people approves the official with top rate, this means the public to pay close attention to the moral level of environmental protection character and mental value more; And look from the angle of appraise sth through discussion of environmental protection expert, wang Can sends the first learned man that provides legal support to contaminative victim to rank the first, this specification expert is right the judge of advanced character, contribute objectively morely with its for the standard.
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