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"Fu Wa " the source is aided from east wind of animal Olympic Games drive conten
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People net Beijing on November 15 of mascot of dispatch Olympic Games announce let wild animal protect a personage to be filled with exultation. On November 14, chinese wild animal protected association to organize the relevant personage such as many 30 expert, author, mascot of communicative Olympic Games concerns with what wild animal protects. Everybody thinks, there are 4 to originate in 5 mascot animal, this reflected green Olympic Games, person and the concept that natural, person and animal harmony get along adequately. Want to use Olympic Games mascot, publicize the social fashion that respects animal, care animal energetically.

BOCOG was announced to the society on November 11 2008 Olympic Games mascot, it is by the baby of 5 personate figure is comprised, a general designation " Fu Wa " , cry respectively " Bei Bei " , " brilliant brilliant " , " joyous joyous " , " greet greet " , " Ni Ni " , their modelling blended in antelope of fish, giant panda, Tibet, swallow and figure of Olympic emperor fire. Mascot is announced, social echo is enthusiastic, the concerned branch such as association of protection of Chinese wild animal also does it hearten.

On the conference, the secretary of Chinese writer association that regards Cang Ling as ovine spokesman is in clerical Jidimajia to express, will create the long poem of antelope of a concerned Tibet to commemorate in order to make henceforth. He says: "Those who hide antelope is selected represented a country to be opposite not only the care of endangered species and protective strength, and mirror those who go out to live in difficult environment as much western firm tone of people and perseverance. The selection of mascot of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games works, brought auspicious to our country wild animal auspicious good luck. Brought auspicious to our country wild animal auspicious good luck..

And what giant panda expresses when the well-known writer Fang Min that regards giant panda as spokesman is making a speech is selected it is fair and reasonable, without unexpected, but the happy feeling that brings a person is little not at all however. Of giant panda be elected smoothly, because giant panda has Chinese distinguishing feature more,using her word to say is also more common people place knows.

In mascot of this Olympic Games in announcing, of swallow be elected let many National People's Congress feel accident, actually the delegate of swallow since Beijing, also be spring is indicative. Love the introduction of Wang Zengnian of bird association vice-chairman according to Beijing, swallow belongs to Yan Ke, domestic swallow also calls flycatcher, cent is clumsy swallow and artful swallow two kinds. These a few years as a result of high buildings and large mansions ceaseless and bristly, affected swallow greatly live environment, abundantly reduced the space of their incubate, and the habit that destroyed them to like dim environment, these change brought about swallow to drop quickly of the amount directly. This swallow is selected Olympic Games mascot, it is the sufficient put oneself in another's position that consciousness of protection of people wild animal strengthens significantly now.
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