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The green that pays close attention to an environment acts
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1. section water is flourish -- shut faucet at any time, do not make water empty flow
Our country is one of states of water of on the world 12 deficient, fresh water resource still is less than the 1/4 that water of world average per capita measures. Above of 600 many cities half the number lack water, among them 108 cities lack water badly. Of surface water resource rare the exploitation that is short of the excessive that builds didymous groundwater. 50 time, the well of Beijing makes an appointment with 5 meters of place to be able to hit a water below the earth's surface, show 40 thousand wells of Beijing to be as deep as 49 meters on average, groundwater resource is close already dried up.

2. guards fountainhead -- protective fountainhead protects life namely
Monitor according to the environment, the whole nation has 100 million tons of sewage to emit into water system directly about everyday. Water quality of reach of above of the half in 7 old water system of countrywide is polluted. 35 keys are laky in, 17 are polluted badly, the water system of countrywide 1/3 is unwell at irrigating. The pollution of urban water area of 90% above is serious, the fountainhead of 50% above town does not accord with standard of potable water, the fountainhead of 40% already cannot drinkable, the 60%-70% that southern city always is short of water to measure is caused.

One water of 3. is multi-purpose -- let water repeat use
Of earthly surface 70% be the move that be enclothed by water, have the water amount of 1.4 billion 1000 stere about, having 96.5% among them is seawater. Those who remain although be fresh water, but among them half above is ice, jiang He is laky wait for the water resource that can use directly, take whole water amount only 0.003% the left and right sides.

4. prevents a leakage -- the examination maintains faucet

Agent of 5. Shen Yongqing clean -- use soap as far as possible, reduce water pollution
Most scour is chemical product, scour contains generous liquid waste to be discharged in great quantities in Jiang He, can make water quality exasperate. Long-term and undeserved use cleaner, can injure centre system of the person, make intellectual growth suffocate suffocate of the person, thinking ability, analysis ability is reduced, return obstacle of meeting occurrence spirit badly. Cleaner remain is on the dress, can exciting skin produces irritability dermatitis, use the cleaner with higher concentration for a long time, the carcinogenic substance in cleaner can enter human body from place of the skin, oral cavity inside, damage health.

6. cares air mass -- did not forget you always are breathing
Global air monitors the monitoring result of the net to make clear, in the air of these 5 cities of Beijing, Shenyang, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guangzhou day of thing of grain of total in suspension all chroma is in respectively microgramme of every stere 200-500, exceed 3-9 of standard of World Health Organization times, in 10 big pollution cities of world be includinged.
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