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City of model of national environmental protection
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Arrived 1997 2004, name model of 38 countries environmental protection the city in all, the city zone of model of 2 countries environmental protection:

1997 6:
City of Home Zhang harbor, Shenzhen city, Dalian city, Zhuhai city, Xiamen city, power sea city;

1998 5:
City of elder brother hill, Yantai city, Lai state city, flourish becomes city, Zhongshan city;

1999 3 (5) :
Area of Min Hang of large port area of big talk city, Shan head city, Suzhou city, Tianjin city, Shanghai;

2000 4:
Qingdao city, river shade city, Daqing city, article enters town;

2001 4:
Hangzhou city, peaceful wave city, Changshu city, too storehouse city;

2002 8:
Benefit state city, action remote town, carry on starts city of state of city of retail sales of city, lacteal hill city, sea, the Changchun City, Yangzhou, rubber

2003 3:
Wu Jiang city, Nanjing city, east battalion city

2004 7:
City of in relief city of the continous in relief city, city that do not have stannum, golden altar city, Li, the Fuzhou City, Zhenjiang, Changzhou city

Jiangsu is achieved feel
The contradiction with Jiangsu outstanding province is population density big, gross domestic product is expensive, person much ground gives an environment less to bring heavy pressure with rapid development of economy. If where,the development that two respects coordinate economy and environment is the problem that each district government thinks repeatedly all the time, passing practice to found city of model of national environmental protection is the way of one effective. Already had Zhang Jia at present hill of harbor, Jiang Yin, elder brother, Suzhou, Changshu, too door of storehouse, sea, Yangzhou, Wu Jiang, Nanjing, achieve a model to succeed without 15 city such as this world of stannum, Jin Tan, Li, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, other city do all one can is chased, strive to be in close 1-2 achieves the goal that achieve a standard in year. Most in the process that achieve a standard city is analysing our region environment to build the foundation of the characteristic to go up seriously, contrast achieve touch a level, science establishs a program, make clear key target, increase construction to throw, firm catchs measure to fulfil, elaborate organization implemented the crucial project that makes window of the job that achieve a standard, gained the remarkable success of be obvious to all.