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"The world the first water " the one act of the edge
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The scenery of channel of 9 stockaded village, china and foreign countries is famed. The lake of channel of 9 stockaded village, more beautiful absolutely the world. Under blue sky shine upon, excessive colour time, irregular change much appearance, element has " the world the first water " beautiful beneficial. Come the in an endless stream of tourist of China and foreign countries of this sightseeing, stay to forget to return repeatedly. But, not long ago a tourist was recounted to me however over there the real story of an anxious making a person.

By the side of lake of this day, tourist is very much. Lake Shui Qingbi is like lens, mirror ancient bronze mirror to go out to take green hill, everybody is lost in in the beautiful scenery before, but before long, this harmonious beauty by merciless destruction.

See only in front go a few to dress up fashionable young men and women, they are having a thing at the same time, listen at the same time begin to carry the rock and roll with the miscellaneous flooey that gives off in type recorder, very unhappy tendency. It is by the side of lake, their station was decided. Wave light is crystalline in, the fish with lively and argute end of that one end, move back and forth in game.

"Bang! " one, an apple skin is thrown into water in. Back-to-back, among them a girl rub scattered biscuit go down, immediately, green jade is settleclear settleclear lake face, become extremely deformed, still be like a piece of broken countenance.

We look in the eye, painful in the heart, a few people hasten go up dissuade. Male youth glanced sideways, do not have good energy of life say:

"You are what person, what other people's business to run? What other people's business to run??

That girl is self-righteous still lenient " female Bodhisattva " , of speak plausibly say:

"Do not feed, how is the fish live? Look, they still want a tail to me, spit hubble-bubble, they are to thank us really! They are to thank us really!!

Look is without foppish expression then, I indeed for her shame, ponder, such elegant " civilized young lady " how to connect " the fish relies on to eat plankton and microbial make a living " this bit of common sense also does not understand. Nevertheless at long last not bad, they stopped " alms giving " .

I do not know to stem from why to plant idea, walk into lake edge, can't help astonied. Clear the lake water that sees an end, mirror not be vibratile aquatic, pan Qiu, He Shugen, and multicoloured cobble, grew smooth potted bottle and polybag to replace however, I am pondering, heaving a sigh.
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