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Grain of useless old plastic treatment changes gold
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Hui Cong net is plastic dispatch: According to national classics trade appoint resource is managing make clear with the data that uses department integratedly to offer: "95 " during, our country accumulative total reclaims use useless old plastic many tons 1000, every year about still 14 million tons are abandoned old plastic did not get reclaiming using, reclaim utilization rate has 25% only. National classics trade appoint in " renewable resources reclaims use " 15 " program " in put forward clearly, to 2005, our country reclaims every year use useless old plastic want 10 thousand tons to achieve 500-600.

Plastic have excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, insulating property, thermal insulation, admirable suction shake and action of amortization sound insulation, have very good flexibility, can stick with the other data such as metal, glass, lumber well receive, easy treatment shapes. In data of 4 big industry, limits of plastic amount, action, position, application is quick and outspread, precede successively, replace metal, lumber, paper to wait in great quantities, apply extensively at each domains of national economy. 60 time evening, in structural material in always be being used up, black metal occupies 60% ; 90 time, synthesis is plastic occupy 78% , black metal occupies 19% . Can say, have an elephant without any material plastic and same so extensive use. Accordingly, ceng Hao character announces scientists: "The mankind has entered high polymer to synthesize material times! " .

However, as a result of plastic certain and superior performance, bring about its to decay not easily after use or be consumed, accumulate over a long period, affected zoology environment of the earth badly, caused the great attention of world each country. 1997, plastic total output breaks through the world 100 million 4 ten million ton, its bulk is equivalent to 1 billion tons of rolled steel; 1995, sale of industry of our country plastic products amounts to 110 billion yuan; 2000, year of crop of our country plastic products had broken through 12 million tons, develop with year of growth rate high speed of 13% , useless old plastic gross also will grow quickly, the contradiction of environment and development is increasingly outstanding. Consequently, old to abandoning plastic processing already no time to delay.

According to concerning sectional statistic, a medium city produces unripe plastic litter every year, can satisfy the raw material requirement of 20 small-sized and medium, plastic enterprises, useless old plastic resource is by what contemporary economist says " the 2nd mineral resources of the mankind " , " in the city treasure " ! Development uses useless old plastic resource, can administer pollution effectively, can create huge economy and environmental benefit again, it is benefit country the industry of green environmental protection of benefit civilian.

Useless old plastic hold in store is gigantic fortune, business chance is infinite. So, in Sino-US negotiate when joining WTO matters concerned about China, one of quits requirements that the United States raises, ask China opens environmental protection market to the United States namely, include to abandon among them old plastic second birth is used. Japan was abandoned to Chinese exit 2002 old plastic increase 40 % compared to the same period, it is 549 thousand tons about, 10 years grow 8.1 about times. Current, useless old raw material collects operator to be after stock up inside Japan, center to Chinese exit. In recent years, our country has become the state of the biggest useless old plastic entrance such as the United States, Japan, Korea.
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