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When melon of our ramble Yi revive park, those who see is gorgeous birds bird is in emerald green forest freedom flies; The meadow between bouncing Yu Lin and tourist accompany recreant squirrel intimately; Pangolin swagger through the street hides no longer hide... the scene that person and nature harmony get along is unforgettable. But, to protect this primitive vegetation, brazilian government and social all circles made how old effort! 70 time Brazil and Paraguay two countries are in Yi melon revive when the interest in going on an excursion on chute builds hydroelectric station of Yi Tai general, what be here to save this precious virgin forest and life is rare use a plant, expedited panelist to have extensive, thorough research to all sorts of plan. It is before store water of power station reservoir, each working party still are delimiting boat ransack, rescue the animal that those is in severe danger, rescue seed of a batch of plants. In recent years, the government passes legislation again forbidden all sorts of activities that harm an environment likely, if provide national park,open to the public area must not exceed the 5 % of garden area area, undertake inside the park tertiary industy activity must be passed examine and approve, assume environmental protection responsibility, every week one static garden wait one day. Last year the end of the year, the farmer on the sly that local people discovers reclaims wasteland around national park cultivate land, report instantly bureau of national environmental protection, the government adopts measure in time to check this kind has damage the manufacturing activity at zoology environment.

Speak of to protect zoology environment, have to mention the world existent the biggest selva -- , inferior Ma Sun selva. Of Brazilian churchyard inferior equestrian grandson rain forest has kilometer of 5.6 million square, covered big half of country of the whole nation. We from equestrian Nao this city by ship along the Amazon slowly enter rain forest in, half adj/LIT wide is in the tree cane that sees block day my day only in river water, living tenaciously, competing. The boat is in too all right, from time to time appears the sanded ground of a bald, those who scorch is truncal standing firm all alone. The tourist guide on the boat tells us, do not see here rain is much, riverbed is deep, air moisture, inferior Ma Sunsheng puts the biggest menace to come from Yu Senlin conflagration however, annual the forest of kilometer of nearly 20 thousand square pays Zhu Yiju in ablaze blaze.

Inferior the extensive type that fire of equestrian grandson forest basically comes from local people tradition produces kind. Long-term since, local dweller is the agricultural production that has autarky, be used to putting a baked wheaten cake to drop tree, cane, open up gives farm or grazing land. Do not know, put forest of baked wheaten cake to destroy ecological balance, plant not only bad, and merciless conflagration makes chiliad ancient forest no longer resurgent, stayed in the forest of see everywhere viridescence piece a scar. Want to protect zoology environment to want to satisfy local dweller life to need again already, both and harmonious development, become inferior the challenge with Ma Sun the biggest area.
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