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Major project of 6 big forestry
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Since reforming and opening, our country started 17 forestry major project in succession, effectively promoted the development of afforestation afforest career. Approval of the State Council implements 6 big projects is the systematic conformity that builds a project to our country forestry, also be strategical to of forestry productivity layout adjust. After 6 big projects build, appearance of our country zoology changes nature having a root.

The major project of 6 big forestry that approval of the State Council implements is:

-- natural forest protect a project. Include 3 arrangement: The area swims in stopping upper reaches of the Yangtse River, Yellow River to go up in the round cut down of natural Lin Cai; Move substantially reduce the stress such as northeast, Inner Mongolia the lumber crop of state-owned forest zone; What be in charge of protecting good other area by the place is natural forest. Project plan attune reduces lumber yield 19.91 million stere, the canal protects a forest 1.415 billion mus, billabong finds a place for 740 thousand person of worker of have more than needed.

-- " 3 north " build a project with the downstream area key shelter-forest in the Yangtse River. This is our country covers the biggest shelter-forest project. Include " 3 north " river of area, coastal, Pearl River, the Huaihe River, too the shelter-forest construction of downstream area in Yang Hu of area of travel hill, Campagna and lake of hole front courtyard, Po, the Yangtse River. The project plans afforestation 340 million mus, execute effective protection to 1.078 billion mus of forests.

-- retreat return n cultivated land forest careless still project. This is the Party Central Committee, the State Council is aimed at our country soil erosion with each passing day a when the current situation of aggravate makes major strategy is decision-making. Plan 340 million mus to controlled soil erosion area 2010, windbreak solid sand controls an area 400 million mus, year the silt that all reduces input the Yangtse River, Yellow River measures 260 million tons.

-- annulus Beijing area prevents Sha Zhisha project. This is from Beijing located positional characteristic and the pressing sex that improve modes of life and relation to their environment of this one zone set out executive key zoology project, basically solve sand blown by wind of area of capital week exclosure to endanger a problem. The plan arrives 2010, engineering division Lin Cao is enclothed rate by current 6.7% rise 21.4% .

-- protection of wild vivid plant and project of construction of natural groove guard. This project basically solves the problem such as species protection, natural protection, wet protection. The key before 2010 carries out 10 wild vivid plants to save project and project of protection of 30 keys ecosystem, build a batch of natural groove guard.

-- key area with fast the forestry estate base that commercial forest of unripe high yield gives priority to builds a project. The State Council has agreed to adopt corresponding policy measure to give aid to this project. After the project is finishing, offer lumber every year one hundred and thirty-three million three hundred and seventy thousand stere, 40% what take domestic demand about, increase existing resource, lumber supply and demand is balanced basically.
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