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Pupil reject reclaims the company is in Taiyuan " open business "
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Window of people net Shanxi 6 years on May 16 report on April 14, shanxi visits him team member of first You Shaoxian " operation " useless old article reclaims company -- , Taiyuan city builds grade elementary school " red scarf reclaims company " formal " open business do business " , the reporter came to this company recently, discover the company of open harvests classmates not only brushstroke income, more important is a lot of classmates from which cogent establish removed managing consciousness, also pay close attention to more at the same time beside environmental protection.

The development that watchs education as socialistic honour or disgrace is begun, to make children establish managing consciousness as a child, devote into environmental protection career, build grade elementary school to decide to hold water " red scarf reclaims company " . The company creates branch and subsidiary in every class, the setting reclaims article classifies box. Through publicizing environmental protection knowledge to classmates, carry an organization a series of activities, drive the parent, community, circumjacent school to pay close attention to environmental protection jointly. In addition, this school still will be used sell place of useless old article to receive money, establish campus love foundation, with the form of fellowship the poverty inside help school lays finish school. As we have learned, the company has reclaimed with Taiyuan city goods and materials the company established long-term cooperation relationship, reclaim by city goods and materials the company comes to reclaim useless old article.