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Green China has challenge sex more than gules China
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The green building that at present the whole world can regard example as has 60 about, among them one is in Beijing, that is located in road of jade deep Tan Na namely building of 55 ministry of Chinese science and technology. Not long ago, I and the Robert Watson that American rich protects committee looked around together over there, watson ever was the design program of this building to had raised a proposal. What make me amazed most is, be in China this " the greenest " in the building, having a lot of things actually is " China is made " .
Protective rich had become very important thing in China. Before long previously, the pollution of Beijing arrives badly still look not the construction that Qing Yuanyi orders. Chinese leader and business circles realized this, they know to flourish more and more as China, as the person that buys a house to buy a car increasing, must popularize green technology instantly, destroyed Chinese environment otherwise, also destroyed people. Green technology will decide China is along at present the road of this growth continues to advance, still be the strangle in foul air. So green innovation begins to be in China rapid and arisen.
When green science and technology makes the industry with 21 the most essential century, what is the United States doing? Bush-administration says to our manufacturer, they need not reduce the oily cost of the car, they are planning to relax the regulation to refinery, they still conduce to in boycott let the United States turn and use mix model the gasoline tax of the car. If continue to go down so, pass 10 years again, we may be about to resemble mixing from Japanese entrance today model the car is same, need introduces green technology from China.
China of green China Yuan Bigong color has challenge sex more. Look visit department of Chinese science and technology this 9 buildings with tall layer, see insight go up these can the floor tile of ooze water? They are made with the coal ash of the generation after coal burns, rainwater can pass through layers of these store water of subterranean of floor tile infiltration, china makes them. The solar battery that provides 10 % electric energy to renovate a building board also be China is made. Roof garden uses the sort of comparing common soil is light 75 % , water content is common soil 3 make to fourfold edaphic substitute or China.
Inferior controller of new division company Jackie Peierkefusiji spoke of to me henceforth the trend of Chinese car line of business: "From market of the 2nd old car as China change is market of the biggest car, the car can become cheaper, more province oil, more environmental protection. " he says, enterprise of a China is developing engine of a kind of environmental protection that is used on small passenger car derv, the Chinese will make the model of the whole world in this one domain, "Such looking, they will become technical exporter and not be importer " .
Considering individual demand of China, can make the biggest market of a kind of any commodity plus it, the Chinese is met " go all lengths innovation " . Once they found the low cost that fits China to settle way, they can plant this method is pushed with Chinese low to the whole world. (reject reclaims)
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