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First China green makes annual meeting hold
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On March 14, by MII economic system reform and economy run department guidance, chinese electron is inspected like guild, Chinese semiconductor guild, China

Reform of MII economic system and economy ran department director Zhou Zixue to publish an address on the meeting. He expresses, the mainest class in regarding electronic information as the product -- consumptive electron product and people life be closely bound up, become suffer " electronic information product pollutes control government measure " the boy or girl friend with the oldest influence. MII will change U.N. home hair henceforth appoint, the country is industrial and commercial the ministries and commissions such as total office of total bureau of total bureau of total bureau, national qualitative check, national environmental protection, customs, Department of Commerce is strengthened execute the law examination, carry out electronic information product compulsively business of poisonous and harmful material bright show the work.

On the meeting, chamber of commerce of electron of Zhong Bin of section chief of office of government of trash of solid of department of control of pollution of total bureau of Luo Wen of assistant dean of academy of development of Chinese electron Information Industry, country environmental protection and toxic chemical, China is standing industry of electron of vice-chairman king peace, MII standardizes an institute. Trade of general of Yang Dan of assistant chief engineer of long rainbow group, summer (China) Lin Tingqing of limited company general manager, power fill administration of electronic China area to grow Xu Tao, Suoniaili to believe mobile product (China) limited company vice-president coulds there be. Congress still was held " make chain of industry of information product green hand in hand " the height speaks.

Yang Dan of assistant chief engineer of long rainbow group represented enterprise read out " production enterprise of 2007 China green is enunciative " , congress held environmental protection of product of 2007 electrons information to mark bright show a ceremony. Letter of long rainbow, sea, Kang Jia, wave guide, Xia Pu, day stands, love of Suo Ni, Toshiba, LG, all alone, power fill, many 20 China and foreign countries such as beauty of Su Ning, country is famous electronic information company is earnest external acceptance, the electronic information product that the sale produces after March 1, 2007 will be strict according to " measure of government of control of pollution of electronic information product " ask to have a company bright show, stickup environmental protection marks; The electronic information product that sells to production undertakes proper motion detect or tripartite detects, active and active cooperate industrial and commercial, qualitative check, environmental protection, custom to wait execute the law sectional examination. They at the same time acceptance, the research and development of the product, design, production, storage, carry, sale, carry out hind, reclaim wait for each link to set out from the angle of green environmental protection as far as possible, put the profit of consumer in from beginning to end the first.
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