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Wuhan is about to build China in field of processing of rubbish of the biggest e
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Old home appliance, useless computer, the electronic rubbish that grow day and day lets Jiangchen " dyspeptic " . The reporter learns from Wuhan city industrial and commercial bureau, rose on Feburary 1 next year, without illuminate those who be engaged in the electronic trash such as old home appliance tearing open solution, will be faced with highest 500 thousand yuan of amerce.

Jiangchen has generation of rubbish of 100 thousand tons of several electrons every year, of these urban environments " killer " contain about a hundred kinds of harmful material to be in nature cannot degradation. A few from circuit board in " pan " black mill, after collecting the metal such as gold, silver-colored, chromic, nickel, will remain trashy thing to fill bury or burn, cause land and groundwater source pollution to wait.

Country " prevention and cure of environment of electronic trash pollution runs way " will rise on Feburary 1 from next year begin to apply. Carry out to this industry from course of study the license is made, prohibit any individuals and did not include temporarily the unit of directory is engaged in tearing open solution, use, deal with the activity of electronic trash. If not have,tear open solution according to management electron trash, highest can punish 500 thousand yuan.

Additional, wuhan city is included electronic rubbish to handle one of pilot cities, the program is in field of big hill Ou Zunling's biggest in construction China electronic rubbish processing.

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